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Details for Super Lani World 2
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Lani World 2 Show random
File Name: Super Lani World 2
Authors: Dan2point5
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: After Mario left Big Boo broken and defeated inside the Haunted Hideout, Boo decided to seek revenge and has taken control of the whole of Lani World leaving Mario and everyone else to seek refuge on a neighboring island. It's now up to Mario to take back the land and finish off Big Boo and his ghostly sidekicks once and for all.

This is the sequel to Super Lani World. The game is largely vanilla with the occasional dash of chocolate thrown in for fun. I've learned a lot since the original game was released so this time around the difficulty has been dropped in return for a more enjoyable gaming experience for new and older kaizo players to jump into. Good luck, have fun and be sure to take back Lani World from Big Boo before it's too late!


Updated to 1.1 - All changes in the README file.
Tags: music, platforming, traditional
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 11)
Download: Download - 310.48 KiB
Great hack! I especially had fun in the red switch palace.
Posted by: Neuromancer - | Link
After going through Kaizo Kindergarten and Quickie World, I was looking for something a little more challenging. This hack ended up being the one. Thank you for making me a slightly better kaizo player! 5/5
Posted by: Pizzabusive - | Link
Beat all exits and I can say that this game is awesome. A lot of care and effort has obvisouly been put into the making of this hack. Many unique setups, good music, and lovely aesthetics make this a must play. 5/5.

I recommend to all!

Just make sure you have a good controller that can do diagonal inputs precisely with ease, as you'll need all the precision you can get for some (water) levels. ;)

Also, the last castle was brilliant!! I loved the concept.
Posted by: Moichumoi - | Link
Very nice palettes and music. Fun, mostly vanilla platforming. Would recommend for anyone who has played a few beginner hacks and is looking to step up the difficulty.
Posted by: Disolv - | Link
Lunch Lunch
One of my favorite hacks. This helped me improve my skills as it was quite challenging for me
Posted by: Lunch Lunch - | Link
Tons of fun! Great level design, visuals, & OST. Would recommend for anyone getting into more intermediate hacks.
Posted by: strizer86 - | Link
Awesome Hack, definetly worth a play. Updated to 1.1
Posted by:  NeXuS15 - | Link
This hack is amazing, had loads of fun. I recommend this to beginners and experienced players
Posted by: orka-bln - | Link
Awesome hack, would recommend to any kaizo player.
Posted by:  Linkdeadx2 - | Link
Epic last castle! Great hack, certainly its one of the best easy/intermediate hacks.
Posted by: MaSSacOte__ - | Link
Excellent hack! I liked Lani 1, and Lani 2 is even better. Nice difficulty, very consistent. Last boss is simple but fun.
Posted by: Kimota - | Link
Pretty cool hack from what I've seen. Well designed, balanced, polished
Posted by: Romano338 - | Link
Originally posted by anthonypasha
Awesome game! One question: Where the heck is the red switch???

Take a look around the Flooded Manor :)
Posted by: Dan2point5 - | Link
Awesome game! One question: Where the heck is the red switch???
Posted by: anthonypasha - | Link
Nice sequel. #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: B2De - | Link
You should consider making screenshots from your emulator and pasting them in paint for example. The hack looks good, but it whould look even better on more clear Images.
Posted by: niko - | Link
Real nice level design <3
Posted by: MoghedienNinek - | Link