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Details for Super Luigi Land
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Luigi Land Link - Show random
File Name: Super Luigi Land
Version History: View
Authors: Gamma V
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 108 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is my biggest SMW hack to date, clocking in at a whopping 108 exits. It's a choconilla hack starring the perpetual Player 2, LUIGI! Unlike in Mario is Missing Done Right, Luigi can do some things here that Mario couldn't in SMW, like jump higher, wall-jump, and collect coins with kicked objects.
Tags: asm, exgfx, hdma, luigi, music, traditional
Rating: 4.9 (Votes: 14)
Download: Download - 551.81 KiB
uma das melhores hacks que ja joguei
Posted by: paidoseunenem - | Link
Cool.Wonderful #smw{;)}
Posted by: NINTENLUIGI - | Link
Well, I finally finished playing this one, I was actually planning on playing for a long time but ended up busy.
SO Id like to leave some criticism,its not to attack you or the hack, I just hope thats this feedback helps you improve your future hacks.

So the thing is, while I was playing this hack I felt like it was being a bit way too formulaic in its design, the levels are well designed however we clearly see some very specific patterns with it:

- There's always 1 powerup between the start to the midway point, and then another between the midway to the end, independant of the challenge of the level and this pattern is rarely broken if the level is a bit longer, this can make some sections a bit frustrating since you can barely make mistakes.

- Bosses always takes 3 hits, independant if they are too easy or hard (the final boss for example was way too underwhelming because of this and the fact that it was always Bowser&Boom boom over and over made it disapointing too)

- Most of secrets are found by just entering a random pipe around the level, some variety on how to find secrets would be cool.

- There is always only 1 secret entrance/pipe per level and it is most likely always a single screen sublevel to get a single dragon coin(why not reward the player with coins, powerups, 1ups according to the challenge that these rooms provides? also why not 2 or 3 of them in some levels)

- 1ups/stars are barely used, if ever(I dont remember finding a single 1up mushroom in this hack), which can make the player rely on the bonus game to get some extra lives, I know the hack uses autosave after every level, but some players just dont like losing time seeing the gameover screen every 5 tries. You dont need to make the 1ups too easy to get like in the NSMB games for example, but some of them would be enough.

-Still talking about 1ups/stars they could be very good risk vs rewards items due to their "way too helpful" nature you can put them in hard to reach locations and give the player a decision to make take the hard challenge and make the next section easier or dont take the challenge and let the enxt section be harder?

- Ghost houses/ghost based levels relies 90% of the time on P-switch puzzles that are way too overused(the only exception is the pyramid level with the totem heads, that was a fun challenging puzzle level), my biggest gripes with these levels however is when you take the wrong door and end up 2 rooms back or even at the start of the level sometimes, it gets really annoying and repetitive to lose this much progress, just taking the player to the start of the section he was is already good enough as a punishment.

Now this feedback is not to bash on you for the way you design the hack and its levels, its important to estabilish rules for ourselves when designing a level so they feel focused and memorable, but sometimes its okay to break these rules when they enhance the experience.

About the hack, even if it is a bit generic or formulaic in its design it still is fun and have great qualities, the music used is good and match greatly with the levels, exploring the map is fun, and it has some creative moments.
I give it a solid 4/5.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Awesome hack! #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: BonSplicer - | Link
Luigi time!!!!! #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: SJW - | Link
Retro Master HD
Replaying the Hack for the second time but this time I’m playing the updated version although I never really found anything wrong with the first version but this updated version is a lot more better than the first version. Well done Gamma V. #tb{:]}#ab{:D}#smw{:TUP:}#wario{:peace:}.
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
Koop the Koopa
Beautiful #smw{<3}
Posted by: Koop the Koopa - | Link
When I play the 1st level I loved it already when I got to the last world and loved it even more 😂😂
Posted by: Reyreyhdz - | Link
This hack has neat map design!
Posted by: TomsMostHammed - | Link
This is one of my favorite ROM hacks ever!
Posted by: ClayCowan89 - | Link
In an age of transition where there are more kaizo hacks being uploaded than traditional hacks, this hack has done its part to stand out from the rest of the standard hacks released the year it was released.

I enjoyed Super Luigi Land from start to finish, and it felt like a complete game through and through. Most of this hack was a joy to play. The new mechanics introduced, such as Luigi's SSB fireballs, and the new jumping mechanics felt polished to a degree. It felt like the entire game was designed with these mechanics in mind, and I feel that is the mark of a good hack.

The only complaints I have is that World 4 (the desert world) felt weirdly designed (as if it was designed by someone else entirely), and that World 8 felt kinda anti-climatictic considering how short many of the levels were. The levels weren't bad in World 8, it's just they left me wanting more by the end of them due to how short in length they were; especially considering how late they were in the game. I don't blame the levels for running out of steam in World 8 however. Design fatigue is a thing, and I know having suffered it myself, it can affect the quality of the levels. This is also the reason why I never finished Legacy of Mario, my romhack that's just recently had its life support cut down.

Regardless, despite its minor flaws I pointed out, this was a solid hack on its own from beginning to end, and there's a reason why I voted it for best general hack of 2019 in Mosts 2019.
Posted by: Arash - | Link
love this hack
Posted by: Deadlydiamond98 - | Link
Retro Master HD
Definitely worth the long wait to play this Amazing SMW Hack. Best Graphics and Level and Map design ever. #smrpg{y}8>
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
Cool, Nice sweet easy right amount difficulty hack to play for fun! I enjoyed it
Posted by: WingCap - | Link
Thanks for this hack. 😀
Posted by: rafaelfutbal - | Link
Gamma V
Originally posted by apparatus
Cool! Where can I get the status bar and the title screen like that? :D

Check the Patches section for "Minimalist Status Bar" and "No Title Screen Movement."
Posted by: Gamma V - | Link
Cool! Where can I get the status bar and the title screen like that? :D
Posted by: apparatus - | Link
good hack :)
Posted by: peppebd - | Link
Nyan Cat
Posted by: Nyan Cat - | Link
A nice easy hack, fun to play over the span of 4/5 days.
A note on updates thought. Since we don't have a proper rule that prevents small updates being made we usually rely on common sense from the creator part on not updating their hack a bunch of times. Usually if it happens with smaller hacks it's fine and I personally don't mind it at all. However, since this hack has a pretty sizeable exit count and it's a pretty big undertaking as a moderator, I'm gonna ask to slow down with the very small updates. For example, this update only has a couple of fixes in a hack that's 108 exits long (and doesn't even fix a pretty important thing pointed out by Eevee in the previous moderation :
Originally posted by Eevee
I noticed an issue in Walnut Woods 3, where it seems that if you get those dragon coins out of sequence you can completely screw yourself out of the secret exit. I didn't have this in the other (A) levels but you might wanna check that just in case, and see if there's anything you can do about it. This went unnoticed in the previous version, so out of fairness I have still accepted, however, I'd look into it asap.
). If you ever update this again, please make sure that the update is actually big enough to warrant a re-submission. With that said, the hack was nice and it was a pleasure to play, hope to see more from you in the future.
Posted by:  Atari2.0 - | Link
Miles Tails Power
Posted by: Miles Tails Power - | Link
Posted by: TreyPlaysYT - | Link

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