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Sunshine Secret Book 64

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Sunshine Secret Book 64

Submission Details

Name: Sunshine Secret Book 64
Author: Dan - GPTV
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 40 star(s)
Description: Enter the magical realm of the mysterious Secret Book of Super Mario Sunshine! As Mario arrives, he notices that most of the Shine Power is being usurped, and the Secret Book is in danger... Could Bowser be the cause of this?
Jump, solve and fight your way through 5 unique SM64-style levels, and collect the 40 Shines! Each world has been carefully crafted with original missions and polished design in this quality over quantity ROM hack by Dan from GomePlayTV.
This game took 1 year of on-and-off work - 8 months without counting breaks - and about 500 hours to complete.
Video Link: Link
Tags: book dan dan - gptv gome gomeplay gomeplaytv gptv mario mini hack mod play rom hack secret sms sunshine sunshine secret book 64 super mario sunshine
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