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T3rminus: Journey´s End

Super Mario World Hacks → T3rminus: Journey´s End

Submission Details

Name: T3rminus: Journey´s End
Author: Kr00mmi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Hi, this is the third installment of my Kaizo Series: Terminus. It is planned to be the last of its kind. This hack is much harder than the previous hacks in the series, so be warned.

In T3rminus there are 9 exits and 10 levels. In Order to beat the game you will have to complete all 10 levels.

I tried to put my heart and soul into this to make it the best I could. But with my power alone I would have never been able to do this, so a big thanks to all the people who helped with this.

Since my first hack I always enjoyed making hacks. But I never made them for other people to play, I made them for my own enjoyment. However, with this hack I tried to make a hack that everybody could enjoy and be glad to have played. If there are any parts that you did not enjoy playing in this, feel free to tell me.

Enough of the massive description, Good Luck and Have Fun. Please Enjoy, and like always, dont expect toooooo much ;)
Tags: asm boss choconilla less-exgfx music
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Comments (3)

timeisart Link
Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of your Terminus hacks but this one was a masterpiece imo. Benjee's Basement and The Chase felt so good to beat. Sad to hear you won't be making any more hacks but thanks again for these.
Goldberg3210 Link
Fun Hack ! But you can hardlock ( i think that`s the right word ;) ) the game in the final Level (first room) , if you jump in the small Up-pipe and hit the spike at the same time . Happened to me 3 times now! :).
Arobam Link
omg its happening !!!!!!