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Denali's Tail

Super Mario World Hacks → Denali's Tail

Submission Details

Name: Denali's Tail
Author: Atomic-Citrus
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard, Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Denali the Dinosaur mysteriously wakes up missing a vital component of her entire being— her tail.

Without her tail... she can't express her emotions, stand her own ground, shoo away the boys... She feels totally empty, rendered incomplete.

I'd ask that you please help Denali in her tale to get her tail back, wherever it might be. The sooner you both get to looking, the better chances you might have.

Let Denali know that you'll be there for her from the bottom of your heart. She's counting on you, looking up to you, to help her feel calm during the storm of uneasiness and uncertainty that she feels.


Author's Note-

I had a very difficult time trying to label the difficulty of the game, as it lingers around the "Very Hard" category for the first half, later throwing in some "Light Kaizo" elements in the second half, despite the lack of Kaizo tech. So just expect a ramp up in difficulty as you progress through the 10-ish stages I have available for you as you and Denali go about your journey.

I really hope you enjoy this hack, I'm not sure as to when I'll make another. Fate seems to want to take me in all sorts of directions.

I love you all, and I hope you enjoy.

Tags: asm custom character exgfx music original graphics story variety
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Comments (3)

 Eevee Link
I enjoyed this, and I think it's nicely made for the most part, but it definitely falls under kaizo lol, given the nature of your setups, and the amount of precision required for most of the hack. As a result, I've reclassified it to Kaizo: Light.
codfish1002 From older version: Denali's Tail Link
You should try fixing the munchers in thorny egg nest they look like there somewhat floating other than that its pretty good in my perspective
ft029 From older version: Denali's Tail Link
I liked the levels, including Road-Crossing, up to Parenting 101, especially "Waffle Cavity"-- great setups with the rotodiscs. After that, the difficulty was just way too much for me, and I used savestates. My least favorite is definitely "key to success".

There are lots of quality of life things you can do, I think. The difficulty curve within each level, especially near the end, is quite wild. The first few setups in Parenting 101 are very tricky to execute right, but the end of the level is simple. The spiny eggs in Forgotten City are inconsistent, and honestly, I don't like the type of kaizo design in that level.

Thanks for making though! The story was very strange but cute. I think you can definitely reword some things, but that's a nitpick.