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Super Mario World: Christmas Edition

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World: Christmas Edition

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition
Author: Nowieso
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 28 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition is a hack I made when I saw all the awesome Winter/Ice EXGFX made by the SMWCentral Community. Each level ,except for the Switch Palaces, is Winter/Ice themed. I used all custom snow sprites that I could find and used them in many different ways.

This hack is very traditional and awesome to play during the Christmas days with your friends or family! It has the perfect length to be played in one sitting, expect 2 or 3 hours.
Merry Christmas!

v1.1 fixes

-Added German letters (öäü) and translated level names
-Added candle flame (background) sprites in the final castle
-Made the crystals in "minecart racing" easier to see
-Removed an offscreen sprite in "Frozen Crystal Cave"
-Added a Yoshi Coin to "Ancient Temple" because there where only 4
-Added a secret moon to "Ancient Temple"
-Fixed RGB colors that made objects look weird
-Fixed a bad-looking graphic in "Secret Fortress"
-Fixed wallclip bug in "Secret Fortress" and "Frozen Crystal Cave"
-Fixed Overworld bug where you could enter special world without the switches

v1.2 fixes

-Fixed bug that kills you immidiately when flying offscreen in "Frozen Forest"
-Fixed enemys falling through the floor in "Frozen Forest"
-Removed blind jumps in "Fun with Flurrys"
-Made the bossfights easier

v1.3 fixes

-Added custom music
-Removed german version
-Removed 2 exits
-Fixed a game crash
-Removed cutoff
-Added some more power-ups
-minor QoL changes in most levels

v1.3.1 fixes

-fixed a wrong level number on the overworld

v1.3.2 fixes

-fixed a wrong event number
-removed some cutoff
Tags: asm bosses exgfx holiday music original soundtrack traditional
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4.9 (7 ratings)
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Comments (36)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
Another fun Nowieso hack. As far as holiday hacks, this is one of the better ones. Lasts long enough to feel like a full game while being short enough to slip into a marathon of other holiday hacks.

Aesthetics do this hack a lot of favors. There are a lot of goodies like very well-placed hidden 1-up blocks. Custom bosses make an appearance.
as the final boss is kind of a drag, especially with 5hp.

Took a little over an hour to finish. Video of playthrough:
phils3r Link
Very nice hack. I love it beside the things EnderOfGames already said. The final boss fight gets so frustrating and I mostly dropped because of it. Increasing the speed of the wave only when the boss got hit would be a good nerf. And increasing speed in general to start it a bit more difficult.
TeamBestie Link
This was a really fun romhack.
The level design was a lot of fun, with some interesting mechanics.
The music is upbeat and festive as well. Like, the title screen theme being a mixture of the SMW classic title screen theme with Jingle Bells - that's a beautiful and creative medley, and you'd never expect them to flow so well together.
Overall, this one was a good time.
karinou Link
Cool hack, and cool boss but the last is definitely the hardest of this hack, Thanks Nowieso
g3cko_486 Link
This was a fun hack to play. I'll definitely put it on the list of things to do over Christmas.
Nintenluigi Link
Very good work.
I forgot to rate it XD.
Very good hack is a lot of fun 5/5#smw{;)}#smw{:TUP:}
DerHamster Link
KiD_ViD Link
This hack was a lot of fun! I imagine it's really difficult to make a "normal" SMW hack and make it fun, but nowieso is definitely an excellent player and level designer. The aesthetics are great, and if I had some relatives who were younger or just casual Mario players, this would be fun to play together over the holidays, and it would definitely give novices a challenge.

The only issues I have are minor cosmetic things that others have pointed out, namely
the red switch palace doesn't collapse, and there are only 3 total switch palaces, where the switch check indicates 4. Also the dark crystal that kills you in the minecart level took me by surprise

But these are minor and don't detract from the hack at all. 5/5, a lot of fun even for experienced players, and it would definitely push novices without being too punishing for them.
Ridley12 Link
A Christmas edition of SMW? Sign me up! #tb{XD}
WhaaatMe Link
 patcdr Link
Was in the same race as EnderofGames.

I enjoyed pretty much all of this hack, aside from the Minecart bit. SMW Minecarts aren't my cup of tea. And the last boss, but EnderofGames covered that very well.

Ran into the same issue with the
red switch palace
. Also, in
The final castle's door 1 there are some green switch blocks. I'm pretty sure there's no green switch palace.

All in all, aside from the last boss, I had a grand time playing.
EnderofGames Link
Played this hack as part of a blind race (shoutouts!) with infinite lives, and would like to leave my whinings here.

The hack is good, almost every blind hole I fell into while rushing around felt well indicated with coins when I later looked. The colours were... bright. Some of the snow levels may have been too white, but the variance between levels was excellent.

minecart level has a single dark damaging crystal
, and that kinda upsets me. I don't know if the troll is on purpose or not.

Holy Shinx is correct, after completing
the yellow and blue switch palaces
, the "switch" (icon on the overworld) depresses, but the red one doesn't. I didn't check if that meant you could play it again.

Music choices were grand. However: when heading into a boss, the music restarts, but the music choice is the same. It'd be nice if it didn't do that... either be being another well selected tune, or just somehow turning off the music restart, which I don't know is even possible myself. (I believe this applies to all bosses except the final boss)

The levels were of a normal difficulty, but the bosses felt of a very different difficulty. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I know the final boss frustrated a lot of the runners in our race- and we were given infinite lives. I have to say, figuring out the bosses
(sans Boom Boom- although the timing was off, it's still Boom Boom)
was fun, and for the most part these bosses were a lot less Jank than most other custom bosses I've played against. Once again, the final boss left me feeling a little bad when I could get a couple of hits in, then get
spikes for 5 or 6 attacks
. The RNG feels rude, the fact that
destroying the wave doesn't reset its speed
also feels... bad. It's like you get punished for not getting
ice blocks
all the time, since the fight just gets harder with time.
The ice blocks themselves aren't consistent. You can't pick them up from the side without letting go of grab, but from above attempting the same thing causes the player to throw it. Also, why can't grab the ice block out of the air if I miss? I didn't even know that was an option... although that one can probably stay just for me being bad. Undyne's hitbox seemed good to me

Lastly, I didn't check every speaker box, but I found two typos in the level
"Switch Check", or at least I think that's what it is called (the first special level)
. The first typo is "let's" should be "lets", it's a smaller complaint, and the second is
it says there are 4 switches- once again, you might be trolling, but wouldn't anyone be able to see this?
Mysterik Link
Very fun to play. Thank you !!
(And the red switch work for me)
Holy Shinx Link
Very awesome hack, but i have slight nitpick. Red switch palace didn't crush, which makes exit count probably equal to 27
RetroKoopa7170 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
This hack is really good and I love all the winter levels because the original game didn't have a snow world. It also really gives you that Christmas feeling and the graphics, bosses and soundtracks are great!

This is m lets play of this game for my full opinions:
7 up From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Why is there no "german" tag if it's also available in German?
Drugsaur From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
oh my god
schalker123 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Danielsonic 87 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
This needs another update,because on the forest Level,you enter in a little room with a key.,amd when you go on the only tube that should bring you to the exit...
you appear without the key,in a bonus game glitched room,from where you cannot escape...impossibile to see all levels,on this state...
and this is a real shame,because the rest of the hack is wonderful.
But,I noticed that on the level where you can stay a limited time on really wasted this ideas because there are poor number of water...for me,this idea should be used more,with less platforming and MORE ponds of cold water.
I'll try 1.1 now,so for now I can't completely judge this the incomplete state
KillerX From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Is a good hack :D
Hasuo From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Excellent hack!!! Congratulations!!! :)
FedoraFriday From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
I liked the harder bosses, so I'mma stick with 1.1. That spiny boss, though I've seen it used everywhere, kicked my butt lol. I somewhat was put off by the fact it was 3 hitpoints while the othere were 5, dont know if you changed that. Doesn't really matter anyway, I think the bosses difficulties were finely tuned. Besides these criticisms, this hack was otherwise a job well done!
 Noivern From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
This was a pretty good length. There's not a whole lot you can do with snow and ice, and you did most of it.

This hack suffers from ideas that look good on paper but were implemented poorly. There's a level with a destroy-able bricks, but no visual difference between them and normal bricks. There's a silhouette level, but those don't work very well unless everything is a silhouette. There's a mine cart level, but it demands precision jumps from the very beginning, and if you get hit by any one of the several crystals that blend in with the foreground you die. There's a bonus area that requires all switches, but two of the switches are awkwardly thrown in the same area at the end of the hack, and there's no real reward for getting all of them. These blunders sour what is otherwise a pretty good, if standard, hack.

Too bad it's the end of January. But that's not your fault.
blaze800000 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
good chrismas hack
TheJullasicFox From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Arbiter1272 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Nice hack
Spaghetto From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Here's Part 2 of my Playthrough:
 BeeKaay From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link

The levels were generally pretty fun and pleasant to look at. However, I found the bosses disproportionately difficult.

I appreciated the checkpoint right before each boss, but would have also appreciated some kind of life farm, or a 1-up mushroom right before the boss door. You were pretty generous with sprinkling 1-ups throughout the game, and they would have probably been sufficient to get me through the first two bosses, but I would have definitely gotten multiple game-overs while fighting the final boss (I play hacks with the infinite-lives patch applied because I don't like losing time to game-overs).

I agree with Virus610 that a hack's difficulty should be a function of its hardest required level (, and believe this hack should be "hard" due to at least the final boss.
Spaghetto From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Doing a Play Through of this for Christmas! Here's part one if anybody's interested:
Dyno From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
This was my first hack of SMW playthrough - and it was great! I want to report a bug though.

When you beat the level right before the last one ("Victory Road"), you can press right to go to the Star World. (I had started the first level of the Star World, but didn't have every switch palace, so did not complete it.) You can then move left from the right exit of Star World, play the "MERRY CHRISTMAS" bonus level, then exit Star World and navigate to the Back Door without having all the Switch Palaces completed.
NatsuFireball From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Hello Nowieso,

Same thought here : what an awesome hack ! I totally found the spirit of Christmas playing your game, all levels are designed in that way, and the overworld is clear and cleverly designed too.

Difficulty is OK, all the levels are beatable without using savestates, though the latter bosses are quite difficult, especially the final boss, purely RNG based, which can make the fight long and difficult.

You put 32 exits in the game but I found only 30. I don't think I missed something (though totally possible), so maybe the 2 remaining exits are linked to the front and back door of Undine castle, after which we cannot save and so the SRAM indicates 30 ?

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much for bringing us this great game for Christmas =]
Liam Plays From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
This is a awesome hack! I made a YT Video of it, and you can watch it here!
Rheinwerk From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
hey dude, hier ist 01101010 101010110... usw bla bla :D
haha dich trifft man auch überall.
finde es richtig cool wie du mit mario weiter machst!
danke für den coolen hack und dir auch frohe weihnachten mein freund <3
Hiro-sofT From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Alright. This is the creator’s first casual hack. He is usually working on kaizo hacks and other hard stuff, but don't let this keep you away from that hack. It's a nice welcome to the hacking scene of SMW.

The base game is challenging enough to not bore you and easy enough to not make you rip your hair out. There is mostly a good balance in difficult here and there. Sometimes, this hack has some weird design choices and some passages are a little bit unfair or confusing, if you don't know the level already, but this is very, very, very rarely the case.For the secrets you need to have some skill (or a feather and little, tiny bit of luck like me) to get through them. The game aids you with plenty of possibilities to get lives and powerups.The difficulty curve of this game (at least for me) can be weirdly organized at times (like some of the late game levels are way shorter than some of the earlier ones). However, if you played the original SMW you shouldn't have any problems with this hacks difficulty.For his first casual hack he did a very good job. Sure, there are some small issues here and there, but otherwise it's a pretty good holiday themed hack that I can recommend everyone to check out, if you get like 2 free hours (best played in December).

This would get a score of 4.5 out of 5 from me, but I guess 4 out of 5 should do it too. Looking forward for more casual hacks from this user.
Juca125 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
o cara com certeza entendeu tudo gabriel mentira n me mata
Gabriel12102673 From older version: Super Mario World: Christmas Edition Link
Daora esse hack
Sou brasileiro, mas tá muito show