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How NOT to Kaizo

Super Mario World Hacks → How NOT to Kaizo

Submission Details

Name: How NOT to Kaizo
Author: Skirdus
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: What I've compiled together here is a remastered collection of levels from unfinished Kaizo hacks I worked on during my youth, between 2012 and 2014. If the levels appear to be of subpar quality, it's because they're now meant to serve as examples of various vices to be avoided when creating a Kaizo hack.

While they aren't the worst in the world - and I am at least confident enough to the point of releasing them to the public - they're certainly going to get under your skin, because they were designed to do just that.
Tags: vanilla
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Comments (2)

Azula16 Link
Fun, short and vanilla. Nice! :O
 xHF01x Link
This was a close one. The level design is quite bad at times but the amount of polish that went into this and the message boxes that comment the design actually make this very playable and despite the obvious issues, this can be a rather enjoyable hack. Don't expect too much if you play this, though.