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Details for Super Riff World
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Riff World Show random
File Name: Super Riff World
Version History: View
Authors: Freakin_HA
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 26 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a hack I have been working on for quite a while in my spare time. It's inspired mainly by the original Kaizo series and hacks like Dram World, Panga World, and Banzai.

Hope you enjoy it!

23 individual stages, 4 boss stages (technically the boss stages are exits as well, but I considered them part of the same level)

v1.11 fixes

-Fixed blank message box in level 1
-Fixed missing save prompt on level 3
-Removed the level intro to level 4 to prevent glitch that allowed you to bring yoshi out of the level
-Fixed spelling error in credits

v1.2 fixes

- Fixed path to and from level 4 to make it the proper animation
- Fixed another typo in the credits
- Loosened up a few really tight jumps through out the hack
- Added a coin trail for a semi blind jump at the end of level 15
- Added a second on/off switch just after the checkpoint in level 21 to make it easier to hit with a shell
- Removed a softlock in room 3 of level 23
- Removed an off screen ceiling in room 4 of level 23

- Loosened up a few additional spots throughout the hack that seemed to be a sudden difficulty spike.
- Fixed the goal tape at the end of level 3
- Fixed multiple small cutoffs where pipes were sitting on a ledge or where sumo lightning clipped into the ground
- Changed several obstacles that seemed to be hard to figure out
- Removed a troll pipe in level 14 that was just annoying instead of fun/funny
- Fixed glitched credits


- Changed a lotus in level 1 to a piranha
- Changed the doors at the end of level 4 to a single door with a wider hitbox
- Reworked level 5
- Minor reworks to level 9 to make the stage flow better
- Minor reworks to level 11 to make the stage flow better
- Pipe palette changes in level 14
- Changed a shell dispenser in level 14
- Reworked level 16 to make the stage flow better
- Replaced a dumb spring jump in level 18 with a different obstacle
- Changed a few obstacles in level 22 to make them more consistent
- Updated credits
Tags: traditional
Rating: No rating
Download: Download - 169.21 KiB
Awesome hack. Innovative designs with traditional feel. Challenging but fair and smooth difficulty curve. Well done!
Posted by:  Dode - | Link
Oh great, this is gonna be funny!
Can't wait to beat it UwU
Posted by: HLXY - | Link