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Super Mario World Hacks → Darkstar

Submission Details

Name: Darkstar
Author: MDBattleFrog
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: DISCLAIMER: A boss does not work with the bsnes core on retroarch, so use a different core or don't play 100%.

After a year of off and on work, I'm happy to present you with my first hack, Darkstar!

This platforming challenge of 18+2 exits will test the mettle of beginners and seasoned kaizoholics alike. Don't expect any altered physics here- while many custom sprites were used, I prefer to keep the core mechanics of SMW in place, and even the custom sprites are just modified versions of their vanilla counterparts. The only exception are the Wendy here.

The focus here is on platforming and atmosphere, but you can also expect:

-Better Platforms- sprites will interact with platforms and springs
-4 bosses and a 5th for the bold
-A cape level
-A water level
-Custom music
-Custom palettes
-Minimal trolls
-A whole lot of dead Marios


-Overall moderate to severe nerf (depending on level) through spike, muncher, and sprite is still very hard.
-Several musical tracks have been changed by request
-All kaizo blocks (aside from a select few meant for decheese) have been removed from the hack
-Sections in Prickerbush and Sawtree no longer have movement based lag spikes
-Ending of Dino Crisis rebuilt, it is no longer free
-Flipper's Flight secret exit loosened up to mitigate bad hitbox deaths
-Switch Boss can no longer be cheesed by spawning 3 keys off the left wall
-At request, Ourang Medan has been nuked from orbit, including the complete removal of the second room.
-Fixed spawns in Sweet's Switcharoo as well as empty message box
-Items thrown upwards while spin jumping now release from the center of Mario, this is only really relevant for one trick in Sawtree
-Added a Midway Save block in the Darkstar portrait room, 100% attempts now no longer require playing the level again
-Decheesed 100% real final level
-Credits typo
-Overall graphical cleanup, including some cutoff, color and portrait art

-Added death blocks in cape, can no longer get above the level
-Saw despawn in Sawtree should be fixed, as it is now the original setup brick for brick
-Added a wall of on/off blocks in the last room of The Fifth Room

This will be the final version.

Tags: asm bosses music
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Comments (37)

zer0mavrick Link
Great hack. It had it's grindy moments for sure. But the set ups in it are definitely top notch. I'm now sorta wondering if I want to try the original version instead of the nerfed LUL
MoghedienNinek Link
This is sick GG
GrenudoGames Link
this masterpiece destroyed my fingers! absoluty amazing. 10/10
muzzl Link
Moichumoi +1
MDBattleFrog Author Link
Well dang, thanks.
Moichumoi Link
Darkstar is a masterpiece and a work of art. This is by far my favorite hack of all time. I played on V1.0 for the higher difficulty and for the original, unaltered vision of the creator (I also prefer the v1.0 songs). I was not disappointed.

Aestetics, musical choices, graphics, all are 10/10. Level design is extremely creative and I really love the tightness of the setups. Makes for a hard challenge that's really rewarding. There is so much creativity packed into these levels, it's mind-blowing. Everything flows so well and is so freakin fun to execute. Makes me feel like a god at smw playing and completing these levels. There isn't a better feeling. :D

Midway through the hack, I was already replaying multiple times the levels I had already beaten because they were so fun.

After 100%ing the hack, there honestly isn't one exit I didn't fully enjoy. I'm not lying when I say Darkstar is perfect to my eyes. Every level's design is just perfect to me.

You get nothing but praises from me, MD. You're a genius creator in my book. :D

Colina de Fuego, Sawtree and Skyblazer are the most creative and fun levels i've ever played. They feel soooo freakin good to play.

SirMystic Link
Along with the first boss not working on bsnes RetroArch core, it also won't work on SNES Classic. :(
SJandCharlieTheCat Link
Without a doubt one of the all-time hardest kaizo hacks. But the creativity on display here is practically unmatched — if it's technically prohibitive, it's also frequently brilliant.
orka-bln Link
Absolutely loved this hack and the challenge it offers. Everyone who is searching for an advanced kaizo hack, look no further.
Noob Link
Because of OURANG MEDAN, I still suffer from nerves today ... I will check out this incredible hack someday ..., but from what I saw, it is a beautiful hack ... 5/5 !!! excellent job, MDBattlefrog !!!
nF_Kick-Ass Link
Great hack!!! One of my favorites yet! =)
Noob Link
Bom , jogarei esse hack incrível novamente, ( só porque a fase Ourang Medan não está aí... O autor colocou toda raiva do mundo naquela fase!!! #w{xD}
Noob From older version: Darkstar Link
Ourang Medan was the most terrible phase I've ever played in hacks to this day ... I was frustrated that I couldn't get past her, maybe all the anger in the world the author put in that phase there #w{xD}
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
Originally posted by anthonypasha
I made it to the star but there's no bridge to the pipe? Did I do something wrong?

The original version you downloaded had Mario starting in the final world. The version up now has that fixed, the bridge is triggered by beating one of the two switch palaces.
anthonypasha From older version: Darkstar Link
I made it to the star but there's no bridge to the pipe? Did I do something wrong?
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
Do better #smrpg{:D} But in all seriousness, you just aren't doing something right and I can't tell what from a screenshot. Also no way you made it to that level in a day lol

FUCK sorry lol Reuploading the patch with the correct starting level on the OW

HammerBrother From older version: Darkstar Link
I don't know what to do here:

Am I supposed to escape that previous area where the blue koopa kicks the shell and prevent the kicked shell from toggling the switch?
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
I had the bright idea of physical backups after the first time my laptop went down. Also fixed is a weird way to say nerfed #smrpg{haha}
dogemaster From older version: Darkstar Link
Is this the fixed version that you lost after your computer exploded or you fixed it from scratch?
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
Maybe don't play on a phone lol
Noob From older version: Darkstar Link
Parei de jogar esse hack na fase Ourang Medan ... Acho que até fui longe demais jogando essa hack pelo celular lol #w{xD}
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
Thanks! :D
NaroGugul From older version: Darkstar Link
Today ill not talk about the hack.. ill talk about a very specific level....

Have you ever wondered what a terrible level looks like? Have you ever thought about it?
So do yourself a favor and play this hack until you reach a level called 'Ourang Medan'..
Just a small checklist:

Long level: CHECK
Janky custom sprites: CHECK
Terrible hitboxes: CHECK
Precision item swimming: CHECK
Boo rings: CHECK
Fishing Boo: CHECK
Autoscroller: CHECK
Custom death blocks that doesnt check for x speed (vurgarly know as 1 pixel bigger): CHECK
Sprites spitting fire at players direction: CHECK
Stupid tight janky hitbox trick at the very end of the autoscroller so if you miss you have to play the section all over again: CHECK
Whatever other stupid stuff you can think of: CHECK

That, my dudes, is a true ragequit masterpiece.
samuel.belntz From older version: Darkstar Link
I am just beginning to play Darkstar and WOW, this one is the hardest hack I've ever played in my life. Congrats to level design and the cool gimmicks. I loved the soundtrack.

This might be my favorite Kaizo hack of all time. [2]

Waiting for the 1.1 update.

oneframejames From older version: Darkstar Link
The introduction to this beautiful hack will make you feel you're actually about to start playing Super Mario RPG 2. You'll get what I mean when you start. I'm 14/18 exits into this game, and so while I haven't completed it yet, I do think it's time that I do another review for it.

This might be my favorite Kaizo hack of all time. I've asked a few streamers if they'd be playing it, but unfortunately most of them have a sour taste by the question, because they think it will be frustratingly hard. Let me say this, yes, this is a very hard kaizo hack. But so is Grand Poo World 2, and I've mostly only asked people who are playing Grand Poo World 2 if they'd be willing to play this as well. Let me say that at this point, I've completed exactly 14 exits in Grand Poo World 2 and in Darkstar. Darkstar levels are only taking me slightly longer than Grand Poo World 2 levels did. If you can do GPW2, this is only a slight step up.

Enough about difficulty though, onto another big reason you should play this if you're a good kaizo player that's been around awhile and has enough skill to take on non-beginner like Kaizos. This game is BEAUTIFUL, and the soundtrack fits each level amazingly. This game has a large overworld, and three smaller worlds. They look amazing. World 2 is easily my most favorite overworld that I have ever seen. It's so fantasy like and just a dream to see how artful SMW hacks are becoming. The levels are all also beautiful. Palettes and custom graphics are implemented with a lot of thought and care. The two bosses I have beat so far, humorous, creative, and custom. One of them reminded me a lot of the Chuck boss in GPW2, but in a different way. This is a beautiful masterpiece. Just as GPW2 was.

Overall, I feel this is a slight step up in difficulty from GPW2, but the beauty of it, is about as comparable. Why not enter this fantasy Kaizo and try it out? That way I won't be the ONLY person speedrunning it. I want someone to compete with me in this beautiful hack.
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
@Chosentw0 Hey, neat. Thanks for pointing out some cheese I need to fix in 1.1 lol
Chosentw0 From older version: Darkstar Link
To everybody trying out this Hack: I wish you good luck!
This Hack is super hard but super cool at the same time. You almost have no time to think in any situation but everything lines up pretty well.
Every Level is super creative and has its own unique gimmick.
Besides from some graphic mistakes, I sometimes wished that there are more hints, what to do in some situations.
Besides that, you did a great job. I can see that you spent dozens of hours in playtesting and I can say it was worth it!
5 Stars from me.

I did a little TAW which can be enjoyed here:
Dode From older version: Darkstar Link
This is one of the hardest hacks I've played to date, close to Search for Salmon in difficulty. My major complaint is that some of the levels are extremely difficult to figure out as a result of learning sections following lengthy sections before checkpoints/goals. We've already discussed what will need to be fixed in the 1.1 update
switch boss, bad ending taking you back to portrait room, potentially spin patch and maybe some QoL stuff
. I thought the difficulty curve became way too steep around exit 15. The fire level was a big step from all the levels before it, and the levels after were an even bigger step from that. It's plenty good enough to approve for now and very apparent that a not-insignificant amount of time went into this, and I greatly appreciate the care and effort you've put into it (despite my salt lol). This is one of the best creator's-first hacks I've ever played, well done.
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
Yeah stoked the comments went full flame right out the gate lol.

Thanks, somekaizoguy.
somekaizoguy678 From older version: Darkstar Link
Am I so out of touch? Could my skills be inadequate or my logic flawed? ....No, it's the creator who is wrong.

Serious reply: As someone who watched a top SMW player test this on twitch for hours upon hours, it looks to be quite above my skill set, but also like an incredibly fun and well-made hack. Looking forward to playing this after I've gotten a few more hacks under my belt.
tchfunkta From older version: Darkstar Link
This is the most mature thread ever #w{xD}

"Asshole is you!"

I'm dead.
dogemaster From older version: Darkstar Link
Top 10 anime responses
dogemaster From older version: Darkstar Link
@Noob try to be a little less vague with your complaints and you should try hacks that are under your skill level rather than blaming a hack being "not playtested" just because you cant figure out a section or not good enough or it being too hard for you.
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
@Noob hack is fully tested by two reputable makers as well as countless hours of personal playtime and a full playthrough right before uploading. To put it simply, you are doing it wrong.
Allrounder From older version: Darkstar Link
@Noob if there was something wrong you could just tell him what exactly was wrong and where instead of acting like a complete asshole just like you did. Think about what you are writing before submitting.
MDBattleFrog Author From older version: Darkstar Link
Shit, forgot to put 1.0. My bad.
Sweetdude From older version: Darkstar Link
Great hack, I approve if you're looking for a hard but fair and fun challenge