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Details for Darkstar
Super Mario World Hacks - Darkstar Show random
File Name: Darkstar
Version History: View
Authors: MDBattleFrog
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: DISCLAIMER: A boss does not work with the bsnes core on retroarch, so use a different core or don't play 100%.

After a year of off and on work, I'm happy to present you with my first hack, Darkstar!

This platforming challenge of 18+2 exits will test the mettle of beginners and seasoned kaizoholics alike. Don't expect any altered physics here- while many custom sprites were used, I prefer to keep the core mechanics of SMW in place, and even the custom sprites are just modified versions of their vanilla counterparts. The only exception are the bosses...no Wendy here.

The focus here is on platforming and atmosphere, but you can also expect:

-Better Platforms- sprites will interact with platforms and springs
-4 bosses and a 5th for the bold
-A cape level
-A water level
-Custom music
-Custom palettes
-Minimal trolls
-A whole lot of dead Marios


-Overall moderate to severe nerf (depending on level) through spike, muncher, and sprite placement...it is still very hard.
-Several musical tracks have been changed by request
-All kaizo blocks (aside from a select few meant for decheese) have been removed from the hack
-Sections in Prickerbush and Sawtree no longer have movement based lag spikes
-Ending of Dino Crisis rebuilt, it is no longer free
-Flipper's Flight secret exit loosened up to mitigate bad hitbox deaths
-Switch Boss can no longer be cheesed by spawning 3 keys off the left wall
-At request, Ourang Medan has been nuked from orbit, including the complete removal of the second room.
-Fixed spawns in Sweet's Switcharoo as well as empty message box
-Items thrown upwards while spin jumping now release from the center of Mario, this is only really relevant for one trick in Sawtree
-Added a Midway Save block in the Darkstar portrait room, 100% attempts now no longer require playing the level again
-Decheesed 100% real final level
-Credits typo
-Overall graphical cleanup, including some cutoff, color and portrait art

-Added death blocks in cape, can no longer get above the level
-Saw despawn in Sawtree should be fixed, as it is now the original setup brick for brick
-Added a wall of on/off blocks in the last room of The Fifth Room

This will be the final version.

Tags: asm, bosses, music
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 3)
Download: Download - 1.48 MiB
Absolutely loved this hack and the challenge it offers. Everyone who is searching for an advanced kaizo hack, look no further.
Posted by: orka-bln - | Link
Because of OURANG MEDAN, I still suffer from nerves today ... I will check out this incredible hack someday ..., but from what I saw, it is a beautiful hack ... 5/5 !!! excellent job, MDBattlefrog !!!
Posted by: Noob - | Link
Great hack!!! One of my favorites yet! =)
Posted by: nF_Kick-Ass - | Link
Bom , jogarei esse hack incrível novamente, ( só porque a fase Ourang Medan não está aí... O autor colocou toda raiva do mundo naquela fase!!! #w{xD}
Posted by: Noob - | Link