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Automatic Walking v1.1

UberASM Repository → Automatic Walking v1.1

Submission Details

Name: Automatic Walking v1.1
Author: mathie
Version History: View
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This simple code disables buttons while giving Mario a fixed X speed. Fairly customizable. Be sure to read the instructions inside before using it.

Fixed a bug with input filtering. $0DAC and $0DAA are meant to be untouched so held down inputs aren't processed as newly pressed inputs.
Tags: automatic lorom sa-1 walk
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Comments (8)

HeitorPorfirio2006 Link
What can i do with the "changelog.asm" file? Is it just a change file or does it interfere with something to install the UberASM?
 Kevin Link
Tested with: UberASMTool 1.4, LM 3.10, SA-1 1.32, Snes9x 1.60.
This version fixes an oversight in the original code that, among other things, caused Mario to jump even when just holding down the jump buttons.
(I think this could also be fixed just by changing the STA $0DAx to TSB $0DAx, but since how you did it also adds the option to filter out held buttons, I guess it could be useful).
 Hooded Edge From older version: Automatic Walking Link
Ralshi02 From older version: Automatic Walking Link
Super mario run
Kiatus From older version: Automatic Walking Link
Is there a way to convert it to a sprite?
TheJullasicFox From older version: Automatic Walking Link
Supe Sonic '06 World when
 Telinc1 From older version: Automatic Walking Link
Nice and easy to set up, nice and easy to customize.

Keep in mind that this desynchronizes the goal walk. I don't think it's major enough to be a removal reason (since it's just an aesthetic issue), but keep that in mind.
Klug From older version: Automatic Walking Link
Is it based on Nesquik Bunny's code or something?