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Luigi and the Final Year

Super Mario World Hacks → Luigi and the Final Year

Submission Details

Name: Luigi and the Final Year
Author: karen13505
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 56 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: STORY:
"In the exotic archipelago named Wonderus, there is a story about 4 destructive beings called End Stallions, each one slumbering in its own End Ruins: War, Death, Famine and Pestilence. Once disturbed, these beings call for their master and then the last year of the world is declared.
Thinking there were hidden treasures in those End Ruins, one of Bowser's koopalings went to Wonderus after those said treasures, and ends up angering one of those beings, War, which triggers the Final Year.
Since Mario is busy with the Bowser himself, Luigi is sent to deal with the destructive End Stallions and stop the Final Year."

My second hack, featuring a more choconilla aproach. Features a brand new overworld, custom music, custom power-ups, cutscenes, brand new levels, custom bosses and a handful of new mechanics.

Credits are included in the zip file.
Tags: bosses custom end exgfx final luigi music year
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
4.3 (8 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (20)

crocodileman94 Link
I enjoyed my time with this hack, but the overworld already being revealed at the beginning made the game progression less exciting.

Hacks Are Unfair Link
I apologize. I just wanted to rate, but I'm not allowed to until I leave a comment. I think that the person who wants to comment should do it, and who just wants to rate should be able to just do it, but well... #smrpg{sad}

It's a really nice-looking hack #smrpg{cool}, but so far I haven't given it more stars because:

Hack should be Standard Hard/Very Hard cuz of Doors of Unknown. Door of Unknown 1 owns its difficulty to Luigi being big, which makes the walljumping lvl a nightmare, not to mention the almost forced damage-boosting to jump over munchers in all Doors of Unknown.

There's also offscreen enemies or obstacles, or enemies thrown at your face if you go fast, and sometimes if you go slow (without known if you have to go fast or slow), that hit you. It's like you've given the players so many HP that you didn't find out what to do with it.

Door of Unknown 2 has lots of enemy spam, and no. 3 has the same problems of no. 1. It doesn't matter that they're optional levels, they should go with the theme and the difficulty level of the whole hack.

Coin trails in Bone Dragon section should be one block farther, to insure player will do a safe jump, but again the space is too tight and jumps are kind of blind at first, so it would be difficult even with coin trails.

UFO level is where I stopped playing. It is an obnoxious level to beat because it requires a lot of precision while controlling an UFO that makes it very hard for you to be precise. And without mentioning my trying to get the Yoshi coins in that level. #smrpg{:D}

They're minor details, but together they make me give the hack 3 stars since I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to. #smrpg{<3}
Hacks Are Unfair Link
Mr. MS Link
Would be nice if you elaborated instead of giving these random notes though.
axelmz Link
Amazing Hack
It's hard, the graphics are amazing, the power ups are great, music is perfect.

The overworld could be better and have animations when you complete a level.
The level design is cool, no checkpoints but they are shorts which is good for me
aidem Link
9/10 really great hack, pretty solid and had a lot of fun playing it. also, i really like the music that you used, could you send me a list of the music that was in this game? i am a streamer and i'd like to use it in a playlist for my streams
BunBunAshly Link
fun, solid hack
Sarah Michelle Costa Link
A hack é bem diferente, estou gostando muito
Samuroy Link
Great hack, My chat seemed to enjoy it, though I am stuck on a level, ha ha.
DTA450 Link
The overworld border is a Wii U Gamepad !? #tb{'_'}
Truxton Link
Feels like a 2008 style hack. Very refreshing!
Mechanical koopa Link
However, It should be noted that the items in the game are pretty much one-off. I liked the doors of unknown, but was there a point to them other than challenge? same with the switch palaces, they pretty much changed one level. I liked how you added red coins (and I collected all red AND yoshi coins, to boot... not to mention every exit...) and the several items throughout the game, but they often felt... underused (except for the ufo, i was [slightly] glat that was a one-off gimmick). I can say that the graphics are nice, but there was no new enemies (other than reskins) and the red coins added a light challenge, but they were not very rewarding to collect. I like the level design, but it got repetitive later as they became very linear. The keyholes became painful to use as they tended to be late in the level, which made me go through the level multiple times, often collecting the dragon coins twice. The stallions had one or two typos in the old english style and there were a few graphical bugs here-and-there. All in all, I would say that this suffers a similar problem to Big boo's revenge, and that mod was pretty medium in quality. Good job on the mod, and I would like to see more mods from yopu in the future.

4-4.5. read ***MAIN CULPRIT*** for details
It got repetitive later and was short
I would say 2-3\5, due to linearity and lack of hidden secret areas
I would still rate 5\5 for try-ability (in other words, i recommend this)
4.5-5\5 for the graphics as they were nice and nostalgic
4\5 as it fitted the mood often throuought the game.
3-4\5, mainly irony, especially where famine was found.
Would say was a comfortable 3.9\5 or, to be in line with the star rater, 4\5.
Mechanical koopa Link
If Tails Adventures was a badge of honor for a sonic\metroid-style crossover, than Luigi and the Final Year is a Mario\Tails Adventures crossover. I like that the game has a fairly steep difficulty curve (for a mod curve, that is. Then again I have played many mods with little-to-no difficulty curve, and yes this includes Kaizo and pit, which have [suprisingly] no difficulty curve because they are impossible for humans already [except for kaizo light, which are obnoxious to play for humans normally, but are possible]) I like that the mod takes some inspiration from some metroidvania games (like the one already mentioned) like with the number of tools luigi has (they cannot be used in levels that do not have these items naturally, however. That is due to the tools and the emulators, though, and cannot be easily fixed.) I like that the graphics are mario & luigi, superstar saga-esqe, and did I hear lavender town tower in door to unknown 1? wow. I would say easily 5\5, as this mod is worth trying!
bandicoot Link
Opa, vou testar e te dar um feeback
A hack parece ser bem feita
MasterPass From older version: Luigi and the Final Year Link
This Is in my top three favorite hacks, keep up the good work
Daniel133 From older version: Luigi and the Final Year Link
Muito boa hack!!!
BlissXP From older version: Luigi and the Final Year Link
Nice hack! It has some pretty good music and the level design is overall great, I can't wait for the full version!
Tom33 From older version: Luigi and the Final Year Link
I played this hack and it's great. I could create some levels to make the verse complete. This is just a demo.
Gaabrielzaun From older version: Luigi and the Final Year Link

i loved this rom hack
 Eevee From older version: Luigi and the Final Year Link
Thanks for fixing some of my rejection reasons.

As I said before though, I'd still focus on making some of those levels just a little longer.

Good luck!