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Super Mario World Hacks → slurdgery

Submission Details

Name: slurdgery
Author: Sixcorby
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: slurdgery is a quicko 9 level hack where each level has its own unique theme and gimmick. the plot is you play as mario and he goes through some levels. starts off relatively easy but gets pretty tricky later. that about sums it up.
Tags: asm gimmick music variety
Comments: 27 (jump to comments)
4.9 (21 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (27)

ahamza61 Link
Underrated hack. Great for starting kaizo smw adventure. Thanks for your work!
mario and luigi Link
In the past, I used to avoid clicking on/viewing hacks that had weird/joke names such as this one, thinking they were mediocre at best. Never have I been more wrong in my life when it comes to hacks, and I'm glad I suspended my disbelief. Having that belief challenged was just what I needed to download slurdgery. This hack was an incredibly fun one. All levels exploded with creativity and uniqueness that no words can explain the fun I had while playing them and the excitement I felt on what the next level's gimmick will be.

My favorite level must have been the
one with the toxic powerups that you had to avoid
. That gimmick and the way it was utilized in the level was amazing, and I would not have been able to experience it had I not suspended my belief that hacks with weird titles were bad. In fact, now I feel all hacks with unconventional names deserve some extra attention from me!

Each level did get progressively harder and harder, until the climax eventually happened at the end while
chasing down a Goal Sphere with a fast autoscroll to boot
. There are no Kaizo elements for the most part and there are many powerups throughout the levels, but that chase at the end was slightly above Very Hard difficulty and heading into Kaizo: Beginner difficulty.

This is a great hack to play if you want a short playthrough that combines gimmicky design with all-around challenging levels that always remain fair. 5/5 for this amazing work! #smw{:peace:}#smw{:TUP:}
kaigem Link
An absolute blast from beginning to end. A few tricky sections but nothing too outrageous. Very creative and witty, and none too serious. I especially enjoyed
the toxic sprite level. The poison feathers and balloons were really fun to dodge around.
Ezel Link
Good and simple hack that's a decent choice for anyone who wants to dive into some more challenging stuff. The levels mainly focus on one or two gimmicks, slowly expanding on them in slightly more challenging ways.

My only criticism would be that the final level is a difficulty spike. Most of the hack is about Standard: Hard difficulty, with the final level being quite a bit longer and having much less room for error. Because of this, I think this is not the greatest choice for a first hack, but instead as a second or third one.
bronzebombshell Link
Great hack, but badly needs a checkpoint at the thwimp section in the last level.
k0nk4r4 Link
Quality hack, 5/5 #smw{:TUP:}
muzzl Link
Awesome hack full of creative levels and obstacles.
sureleyyy Link
Really good hack, Most people recommend Quickie World as a first hack but this one is a far better "first hack"

The last level was quite miserable,
lengthy and some awkward stuff in the ball and chain section, having to redo it over and over
but overall fantastic!
JukePatch Link
This hack is really fun and well made.
I liked the castle; even though the sections are long, the first half of each section is fair and not too bad to replay once you master the timing. I had to laugh when
the thwimp fell on my head at the end
Least favorite level was thicc water because of how the water limits your range of motion, and jumping out of water can be annoying in even the best of circumstances.
siegfried72 Link
This is absolutely fantastic! Some of the best level design I've ever seen. Literally my only complaint is there's a huge difficulty spike in the last level since there are only two checkpoints. It's certainly doable as is, but is significantly harder than the rest of the hack. It took about as much time for me to complete the final level as the entire rest of the game.

mikethefab Link
I loved this hack a lot, generally. I have two comments.

1. I wasn't wild about the thicc water level. That type of constraint isn't the most enjoyable.
2. I really do wonder why creators feel the need to include consecutive difficult, differently-themed sections without a midway between them. Having to redo the ball-and-chain section every time I died on the thwimp section drove me into a molten hot rage by the time all was said and done.

thetwaddler Link
Really fun hack. Wished there were checkpoints in the final castle though.
Everton_em Link
Congratz for this amazing hack.
It's great from beginning to end, it was really challenging and fun. Music is great, level design, I loved it.
This is exactly what I was looking for, a good hard hack before I dive into more difficult kaizo hacks, thanks for this amazing job.
KiD_ViD Link
Great level design, fun gimmicks, final castle incorporates some earlier elements while adding new challenges... excellent stuff from start to finish.

5/5, my only complaint is that I want more!
marathonx Link
Outstanding work. The hack's difficulty is perfect for what it's trying to achieve, and each level's gimmick was unique and well implemented. Like others have said, the last castle is a bit tricky, but that's to be expected. I really really liked the level that starts with the poison mushrooms and you need to manage your fire flower/cape - it was easily my favorite level in the hack.

Everyone should play this hack. It's short, it's fun, it's creative, and just all around great. Awesome work sixcorby :)
NikSik1 Link
I enjoyed this hack a lot, but dang, the final castle is hard. 5/5
Nes_mike Link
it's a very nice game , thanks you so much for your job , great , the final lvl is just epic ! i love that . 100/100 =)
 BeeKaay Link
Top-notch level design, but my enjoyment of the hack was blunted by the long sections in the final two levels.
FragOnCrack Link
This was super fun to play. The last Castle is pretty hard but I loved it. Especially the ending part. Good job 5/5 hope to see more hacks like this. Keep it up
Powblock532 Link
This was really fun and well designed! I loved it, so here's a well deserved 5/5!
 Manofer Link
I love this^^
SwampMage Link
5/5 fun
Foxy McCloud Link
Pretty Fun Hack :)
GbreezeSunset Link
excellent hack, 5/5
OEO6 Link
Excellent hack! We need experienced people like you. You inspire me a lot. Thank you. It was a flawless and creative hack :)

5/5 #smw{:peace:}
Nint Link
Super cool, had a lot of fun playing this. 5/5
ft029 Link
Very, very well designed. This made my winter break a lot happier.