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Super Marina World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Marina World

Submission Details

Name: Super Marina World
Author: kona
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 100 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: A Mario-like girl Marina's adventure!
A bit more difficult than original SMW.

Contains English and Japanease version.

Gambatte! (Go for it!)

** UPDATE **
Added Engr...English version
Fixed OW glitches
Modified some levels
Modified fonts
and so on...

Note about the unofficial update (2020-2-2):
v1.6 contains the last version submitted by kona; the only changes are fixed music crashes and the version number on the title screen.
v2.2 bugfix/polish patch includes various graphical fixes, various overworld path reveal/unlock fixes, and full saving including star coins and 3up suns.
ENv2.2 and JAv2.2 are identical aside from the text.
See the included .rtf file for more details.
This .zip file also includes the previous fixme patch that was released for this game, for preservation purposes.
Tags: asm custom character exgfx gimmick music original graphics traditional
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
4.7 (6 ratings)
No rating
Download 1.73 MiB | 4,107 downloads


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Comments (22)

BunBunAshly Link
first half is really nice, but there are a lot of frustrating design decisions in the latter half of the game
brium1 Link
un rom hack dificilmente divertido
alguien me puede ayudar? me quede atrapado en el world 4 y no consigo salir para el world 5
SuperDfar Link
This game is really cool ;D
TheLucraftTeam Link
isn't She called Maria?
BokuNES Link
so now its fully compatible with real snes hardware?
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Awesome update to and awesome game. Thank You!
Karisa Link
Rope glitch is vanilla, so it won't be fixed.

6-A sprite memory has been fixed for 2.2.
I remember playing this game and i searched it up, got no results....
rafaelfutbal Link
I'm still trying to beat this game but I found bugs/glitches:

4-A = after the middle checkpoint, on the first rope, while you hold it, you can still climb forever around the stage if you stay on an obstacle.

6-A = Lakitu cause bugs on entire level. Every enemy becomes invisible. Please, fix it!
peppebd Link
very good :)
Danielsonic 87 Link
Man, to beat this at times, was a real pain...
Great ideas are in there, so I suggest anyone that wants a good challenge to play this^^
Deakula From older version: Super Marina World Link
I'm usually a kaizo player, but this hack is a very relaxing and fun playthrough so far. I'm really enjoying it!

I did run into a strange overworld event, however where getting the secret exit in 2-2 caused path and a level to appear where it shouldn't have, and it disappeared after entering and exiting the pipe.


Not even a big deal. I love this game so far. I really like the feminine version of the Mario bros. So well done!
William Kazama From older version: Super Marina World Link
Muito legal,pena que fica bem difícil no final,mas muito divertido mesmo assim ^.^
Danielsonic 87 From older version: Super Marina World Link
Update:this hack is REALLY FANTASTIC!!
No one level here is bad:all levels have good ideas,well implemented in general SMW gameplay^^
even if I too confirm that some glitches could get the player to an angry death...and not always good-looking thing...and some secret exits requires a playthrough on Youtube(I used 3 times Youtube on the first half of the hack)...
this is one of the best hack I have never seen in my life!!
Is really hard to make so many levels without falls in repetitive thing...and here,the miracle is happen!!
5 stars are not enough to vote this fantastic work^^
Kona,you are a master creator of SMWHack^^
Bencehun12 From older version: Super Marina World Link
This hack is sooo interesting.
The game's graphics is beautiful, but in the game there's so many glitch, but it also a fantastic and a VERY hard game.
The levels were creative and the secret exits...
Danielsonic 87 From older version: Super Marina World Link
Soooo interesting graphics,and is so fun because...anyone that,in earlier age,imagine to control a girl beside a dream that becomes true^^
I don't really like some palettes here,personally,but the idea is cool and I love the fact that is implemented in a loooong hack^^
5 stars for me even if I haven't deeply played this,yet
Narcologer From older version: Super Marina World Link
Original level bg and fg does not fit to great collection of custom sprite exgfx.
On the other hand, this hack is great due to good level design and music.
 Lazy From older version: Super Marina World Link
A charming and fun hack. There is a slight overabundance of secret exits and some levels are rather tedious (mainly the ghost houses), but it's an enjoyable hack overall.
The postgame is pretty brutal, so I'm gonna go ahead and set this to Very Hard.
Erick_Melo From older version: Super Marina World Link
Level design tosco... Poderia melhorar em muitas coisas... Não me gostei muito nos backgrounds e as cores do cenário não ficaram legais... mas dá pra jogar ainda sem muito divertimento.
BokuNES From older version: Super Marina World Link
its snes compatible now?
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Super Marina World Link
Having just played through this hack for the first time this week, this was a pleasant surprise. I had a blast playing through most levels, the gimmicks were fun(mostly) and the platforming was solid overall.

Some aesthetics are lacking such as cutoff in levels and minor overworld glitches. The sprites look nice and are well done, P-balloon sprite is awesome!

Some of the star/special levels kind of pushed the boundaries of levels difficulty, but since they are optional I feel like you can just skip them if its too much.

Overall: Fun hack. I never got bored of playing it, which is what usually happens if I try to play something easier. I feel like it holds up for being made in 2013
 Stivi From older version: Super Marina World Link
the levels look kinda trashy