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Details for SMW The Crown Tale
Super Mario World Hacks - SMW The Crown Tale
File Name: SMW The Crown Tale
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 112 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: SMW The Crown Tale is romhack of SMW based on the Bowsette memes around the internet, the hack is basically a traditional Mario adventure with a story involving Bowsette and the Super Crown.
While it have a story is not really a huge-super impressive one, but it can still be funny with the dialogues included.

While Mario was taking a vacation on a far away island Toadette suddenly appears before him with sudden news that her Super Crown was stolen by Bowser and that he used it to impersonate the Princess and fool everyone on the mushroom kingdom.
Later they discover that Kamek used its magic on the crown to allow anyone to use the crown since it had a magic seal to prevent anyone beside its guardian Toadette from using it.
But because of the magic a evil spirit awakened on the crown and took over Bowser's and Peach mind making them go crazy.
Help Mario to return to the mushroom kingdom and save the day once again.

This hack includes:
-92 new levels
-112 exits
-25 moons to find(Optional)
-460 dragon coins to find between 92 levels(obligatory if you want to enter in the special world)
- Good level design
- Custom music
- Custom Sprites
- Custom graphics
- Custom blocks
- Hdma
- DDA System
- New Moves: Walljump, Long Jump and High Jump
- 2 diferent endings
Tags: chocolate, choconilla, classic, custom graphics, normal, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 4.8 (Votes: 9)
Download: Download - 3.16 MiB
There is a grammatical error in the first speech of Toadette of the PT-BR version of the hack, because when she starts the conversation with Mario for the first time in the village of yoshi there is the word "inpersonar", being that its correct form of writing in the language Portuguese is "impersonar". I am not an expert on the grammatical rules of such a complex language, but I believe that the synonym "personificar" is more appropriate and understandable in this text. I didn't start playing his hack, but I liked seeing that it has a version in PT-BR. I can't wait to get some time to start the game and check out this story created and translated into my native language that promises a little comedy and reference to memes, a type of narrative that I hadn't explored before.
Posted by: Spyder121 - | Link
Thank you bandicoot and one more time i love your game and i hope to see more from you!
Posted by: Mysterik - | Link
@Mysterik - The DDA system changes some coin blocks into powerup blocks if you have 5 lives or less, its to help the player to beat the level if it is too dificult for them, there's one between the beggining of the level and the midway point and one between the midway point and the goal, if the player have less than 3 lives a second one will apear too.
This is why I dont recomend the use of save states to stock lives and the reason the gameovers have been trivialized since you return in the same level if you get one.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Hi bandicoot,
I do the first world and i really like the game,
i just need to know what DDA system change and with how many lives that change ??
Thank you for the great game and keep the good work i give you 5 stars!
Posted by: Mysterik - | Link
I really liked the game, but it doesn't work for 2 players, only the first level, when it enters the second, the game goes back to the title :(
Posted by: ChrisHamulak - | Link
Hack pika d+, chorei
Posted by: Akutarex - | Link
@Koopster - Thanks for the feedback, I released a update just yesterday regarding exactly the dialogues of the hack.
The transphobia thing you comented, it was really not my intention to hurt or offense people for their choices, the intent of the hack was to make fun of the Bowsette meme not people, Im sorry if this hack dialogues hurted someone, I just kinda didnt know how to describe the words in some areas, especially in the portuguese version.
Thats why I decided to update the hack and remove certain words(while still keeping the plot), and also to make the game a bit less "vulgar" since it could potentially cause problems for letsplayers on some streaming platforms like Facebook.

Also, the lack of ponctuation I consider it a flaw in pretty much every hack I made so far, since I still have a lot to improve on English and also for the fact that SMW dont suport accents and other ponctuations used in portuguese.

Thanks for the understanding and the feedback you gave, I hope I can still improve in the future if I do another hack someday..
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Note: I'm on Bowsette's stage right now

This is not the hack for you if you're looking for something different from the usual. Here you'll see most of the gimmicks you see in every hack of this kind nowadays, being executed mostly in the very same ways. That bunch includes some very questionable ones, of which I only saw the darkness gimmick in this particular game. I'm thankful for no mine cart or windy stage so far.

For my very picky taste, this is a pretty unpolished hack. It has a ton of minor glitches and a couple more degrading ones. To name one of the worst ones, I was very unpleased by the treatment of the enemy-hittable ON/OFF switch blocks in a few stages. Some segments use them with the intent of creating consistently timed segments, but at some points the enemy will just no longer be on screen and a switch will not get hit, or a different enemy might still be on screen, hitting the switch when you don't expect it and throwing off the timing. I died a couple times to these - you should really be testing and polishing your stages more to not let stuff like that happen.
We also do have the presence of a couple of these shoddily coded or otherwise just poorly thought out sprites in our section. The goomba stack in one of the first worlds is one example I can think of off the top of my head.

The plot is not great, but I don't really expect novels in hacks, so that's fine. I played in Portuguese, and it could definitely use accents and some proofreading at the very least. Some bits in it wanted to ring a transphobia bell on me, but I know this was not your intention.
All the bosses are pretty garbage. I don't know why people insist in having effortless going-back-and-forth bosses in their games. Even to fill up plot points, they're so anticlimatic, and when they're not just boring they're actually really annoying. Bowsette is awful (I haven't beaten her yet), and I think you understand that judging by the amount of powerups you make available in the battlefield.

As for the design of the stages, as I said before, there's really nothing new or thrilling about it. This is not a hack that mixes ideas together and tries to do something new, but that is fine for providing a rompy experience. I don't think you handled the higher difficulties so well though - you became way too generous with powerups in the late game, going as far as giving 3 in a row in a few instances, almost completely trivializing the challenge of the final stages (with a few exceptions).

I also want to comment on the soundtrack. Definitely quantity over quality here. I don't mind listening to a good track in 3 or 4 stages throughout the game - in fact, that is what platformers at the time of SMW did - rather than having a variety of songs of which most are just okay. Also, you don't absolutely need to have a different music for bonus rooms. You cut nice jams with mediocre or even unfitting bonus songs a lot of times. I think it would add to the atmosphere if you didn't do that.

I suppose these are all my thoughts, not having played the special world. I might in the near future, as I collected all items required in every level. You balanced these pretty well. Being a completionist in this game was actually pretty fun.
Posted by:  Koopster - | Link
Completion: 100% exits, 100% Dragon coins, 100% Moons
Time spent: 10h 30m
Overall opinion: I had fun, but should have just skipped the cutscenes.

=== Stuff that doesn't actually matter ===

Posted by: Virus610 - | Link
I know Mac isn’t the best for playing rom hacks but the only thing blocking me from playing is that I can't open the zip file because of an "invalid arguement." I was wondering if you knew of a way where I could just obtain the bps file.
Posted by: L33Tmemorz - | Link
Posted by: GMCHacker91 - | Link
I'm currently co-op playing through this hack with someone, and we found a problem in Sky Stone Temple in world 5. One of the arrow blocks you have to ride seems to be actually two overlapping arrow blocks (maybe you double-pasted them by accident there), and this always shoves Mario off the ride side of them unless the player repeatedly jumps, but it's really tricky to get through the hazards up ahead this way.

However, the arrow blocks tend to separate after being shoved off of them, so if the player can land on something solid or survive the pit damage when that happens, it's possible to continue along normally with just one of the arrow blocks.

I figured this problem was worth mentioning here immediately when we encountered it.

EDIT: Another thing I guess I should mention is that many of the single coin ? blocks throughout the hack are weird, in that you can't cape-spin them or hit them with a shell for some reason.
Posted by: SomeGuy712x - | Link
Frozen Aurora
The best hack made by this author currently. And it may be one of the top 10 of my favorite hacks.#smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: Frozen Aurora - | Link

I played Hack. It was super fun. The design, the graphics were perfect. I liked the songs. Most are unpublished.
Posted by: SAMYR DUTRA ARAUJO - | Link
@Sacri Pan
Its from Sonic Forces - Faded hills
But the actual song in the original has a terrible instrument choice
This smw port sounds much better#tb{^^}
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Sacri Pan
Question:What is the music of Strawberry Path?
Posted by: Sacri Pan - | Link
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
it seems the enemies don't use super crowns, so who does? the bosses? if so, who are they? and also do they use custom asm?
Posted by: P-Tux7 - | Link
This is my new favorite rom hack of Super Mario World :D !
Here's what I rate it against Vanilla Super Mario World (Not sure if that's a romhack I mean unmodded XD .):
Level Design: 14/10
Story: 12/10
Music: 29/10
Graphics: 13/10
Total: 17/10

Note: Average for Rom Hacks is 6/10 XD .
Posted by: FarLanderCraft - | Link
Ashley Alexander
Really good game best one I’ve ever played I give it a 10/10. #tb{:]}#tb{^V^}#tb{:)}#tb{:D}#tb{:DD}#ab{:D}#ab{:)}#ab{:LOL:}#smw{:peace:}#wario{:peace:}#smrpg{y}8>
Posted by: Ashley Alexander - | Link
Originally posted by bandicoot
Kamekku - Oh I see, he is the one who invented the Bowsette meme.
But Im referring to the SMW styled Bowsette graphics, those were made by Moltz.

Wuickdraw96 - Those are the DDA blocks, they give the player a powerup if the player have less than 5 lives.
They dont interact with the Player cape spin because I didnt know how to code that in Blockreator.

Ah, that makes sense. I'm enjoying this quite a bit, will comment again once I get further.
Posted by: quickdraw86 - | Link
Kamekku - Oh I see, he is the one who invented the Bowsette meme.
But Im referring to the SMW styled Bowsette graphics, those were made by Moltz.

Wuickdraw96 - Those are the DDA blocks, they give the player a powerup if the player have less than 5 lives.
They dont interact with the Player cape spin because I didnt know how to code that in Blockreator.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
There are quite a few yellow blocks in this that don't react to the cape spin, but are able to be opened from below with a jump, not sure what causes this, but annoying.
Posted by: quickdraw86 - | Link
Originally posted by bandicoot
@Kamekku he is?

Yup, totally!
Posted by: kamekku14 - | Link
@Kamekku he is?
In the graphics section it only mentions Moltz as the author, also I took some of Peach graphics from his hack Smw Bowsette's Edition too in
But if this other guy is also involved with the graphics creation I will include him too.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Also, don't forget to give credit to ayyk92 'cause that's the guy who made Bowsette.
Posted by: kamekku14 - | Link
I haven't gotten very far yet, but am loving what I've seen so far. Level design in this is fantastic, but there are small bugs here and there. I noticed that the apples on the first two bushes in Lotus Rainy Woods aren't possible to eat. I'll post more as I progress.
Posted by: quickdraw86 - | Link
Thanks guys!

Update v1.02 01/12/2020
-Fixed sprites disapearing on level 2-3.
Thanks Artieliu for reporting#tb{:j}
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
great hack :)
Posted by: peppebd - | Link
> new hack from the Classic Mario World and SMW:TPR creator
> has Bowsette
Posted by: kamekku14 - | Link
UPDATE 1.01 - 01/10/2020
-Fixed path enabled before completing the level on world 7-3
-New death jingle
-New level end jingle

Please redownload the hack if you still have the bug
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Great hack, also very nice to have a new hack that is this many exits as opposed to the many re-releases these days. Great job!
Posted by: thekiller678 - | Link

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