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Supercontinent World

Super Mario World Hacks → Supercontinent World

Submission Details

Name: Supercontinent World
Author: Morsel
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: v1.1
Fixes some broken things.

300 or so million years ago, the land mass of the Earth was compact of a single continent, Pangaea. Time has wrought its changes. But, even with only a few years difference, even should his map look the same, a returning traveller might not always recognise the scenes of a previous journey. The changes brought by the seasons or by a shifting climate, by other natural processes or by the work of Man, have their effects on the landscape, the flora and the fauna. 'Wasteful war shall statues overturn, and broils root out the work of masonry.' But, with respect to the Swan of Avon, even the traveller's own uncertain and even treacherous memory may mislead him.

This hack revisits the scene of an old adventure. It was inspired by a remark of idol's to the effect that more people ought to create unofficial sequels to the works of others. Since hacks are getting very complex these days, I wanted to go back to a simpler mode and make something entirely vanilla (bar quick retry and some necessary fixes: wall jumping, block cloning, fast yoshi feeding). And what better than to revisit a favourite kaizo?

Every old kaizo hack needed its reluctant dedicatee; in this instance that unfortunate person is the streamer and hack author, Linkdeadx2.

Note on 'Length': there are also two switch palaces and a credits level that do not add to the exit counter.
Tags: story vanilla
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Comments (5)

Mrmightymouse Link
Can officially say this has been my favorite Morsel hack so far, he did an amazing job of both replicating the feel of Panga World and creating something that feels entirely new and fun.
zacmario Link
So does the incontinent version include a farting Wario?
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Amazing. You never have a chance to play your own hack blind but this is exactly how it felt for me. I'm always impressed by your creativity. So many awesome set ups and obstacles to overcome. 10/10 Would recommend to anyone who loved Super Panga World or if you are looking for a brutal hack to play.
bolop700 Link
An impressive twist on Super Panga World that captures its essence quite well. Unassuming travelers, however, should be wary - a second journey through this treacherous land leaves one just as traumatized as the first.
B2De Link