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🐭 So 2 Mice Walk Into a Bar... 🐭

Super Mario World Hacks → 🐭 So 2 Mice Walk Into a Bar... 🐭

Submission Details

Name: 🐭 So 2 Mice Walk Into a Bar... 🐭
Authors: S.N.N., idol
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: In the adolescent year of 2018, one "stick mice in my head and then beat my head in with a hammer and let them back out" was birthed into the world via a purulent sludge. Quick, hasty, raw, it ended up being a moderate success.

"So 2 Mice Walk Into a Bar..." is not a sequel to that. There is no JUMP Team here. In fact, we hate JUMP Team now. This is instead a spiritual successor which focuses on the most fun aspect of "stick mice..." (quickly designed levels focused around an ASM gimmick of sorts) without the limitations of "stick mice..." (begone sole C3 resources!).

Much of this hack was designed during the month of December 2019, hastily and under the influence. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Tags: asm exgfx gimmick hdma mice music powers sa-1
Comments: 26 (jump to comments)
4.7 (12 ratings)
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Comments (26)

Hacks Are Unfair Link

Very cool hack. I liked it.

On Jactze River, the game broke in the section while you have to go through pipes repeatedly (maybe I was going to fast). My character was gone and the screen freezed, leaving me with some fish and no Mario! #smrpg{sick}

Hathos Link
There is a soft lock on the 2nd part of the first castle when you missed/fall off the yellow platform that is going up
TrendzAndz Link
that was fun.

Your vldc12 level was fun too. I'd love to play more.
Minish Yoshi Link
This was a well-designed game, but some levels worked better than others. Not all of the gimmicks were memorable, and a few overstayed their welcome. Some levels dragged on for too long and no matter how the gimmick was used, it still became tired. Most of the levels had midpoints appearing a bit too early for my liking. From a graphical standpoint, this game looks great. The music selection is decent, and most of the gimmicks are implemented decently. The design style isn't my favorite, but regardless, great job. If I could I'd give it a score ending in ".5", but I'll round it up. My expectations were met, and once again, great job.
 idol Author Link
music is included in the txt readme
charliediep0 Link
Is there a list of music used in this hack? Lotta catchy tunes but no names. . . THe hack is well done though, 10/10
Nikku4211 Link
That's cool and all, but where's Reggie?
El Cuh Fermin Link
10/10 I like this hack. Awesome job S.N.N. and Idol #smw{;)}
Zavok Link
Nice levels!
PsychoKen Link
It doesn't seem to run on the snes classic.
brickblock369 Link
What's the point of having coins in this?
Even if I collect so many coins, there's no effect.
SwampMage Link
GbreezeSunset Link
This is a solid, very fun hack with a few small areas that could be improved. The ideas were all very clever and it made excellent use of SMWC resources. Aesthetics were great and the overworld was pleasant as well. I felt that the hack seemed to switch between hyper linear design (as seen in mice the 1st) and organic, rompy design, which became a tad jarring at times. I appreciate that there was an effort to make things less hyper linear, but I felt that the rompy sections were either introduced awkwardly or not explored in-depth enough. I was impressed with the number of vertical scroll-enabled levels (many hackers fear this camera setting); as always, this comes with the possibility of an annoying camera. I feel like a custom, per level camera with uberasm would greatly improve the hack. Overall, it was a great, super fun time. Highlights included thwimp stacks, layer 2 w1 castle, the sniper aim level, and the black rex level. 5* and looking forward to more levels added!
endlessrevolt Link
I'm having difficulty getting this running on a Super NT + SD2SNES setup. The game fails to boot with some garbage ( on the screen.

My sd2snes is running version 1.10.3-usb-v10, which includes sa-1 support.

edit: I've resolved the issue. A simple reinstall of the latest firmware seems to have fixed things.
white_moth Link
Originally posted by Lucas Antunes
Originally posted by white_moth
I tried to play on Super NT with everdrive, and unfortunately it just loaded as a black screen :(
It didn't work on your Everdrive because this rom has SA-1..

took me a while to realize that. it doesn't mention sa-1 anywhere in the description or tags. guess i'll have to check it out on emulator.
brickblock369 Link
The first world map's upbeat and loud music can get annoying to listen to, especially for players who fail over and over and listen to the blaring world map music over and over again.
Lucas Antunes Link
Originally posted by white_moth
I tried to play on Super NT with everdrive, and unfortunately it just loaded as a black screen :(
It didn't work on your Everdrive because this rom has SA-1..
 Aeon Link
Had a blast playing through this. The Roto-Disc and Boomerang levels in particular stood out to me, but all of them were really well designed and memorable in their own way. Nice work #smrpg{y}
El Cuh Fermin Link
How did you do that the first level 103 background effects moves
 idol Author Link
updated to fix some softlocks, also updated hack difficulty to hard.
Romano338 Link
Definitely a hard/very hard difficulty instead of normal, but great hack very creative
white_moth Link
I tried to play on Super NT with everdrive, and unfortunately it just loaded as a black screen :(
waterwithoutanyice Link
style/substance ratio is way off but it alright :)
 idol Author Link
damn my heart's broken and now i am resigned to die
FailSandwich Link
I found a mistake: it seems you forgot to add the fun to this hack.
OEO6 Link
I'm gonna start playing soon. I'm sure it'il be great #smw{:peace:}