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Song Title


    Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 - An Enemy Approaches

    SMW Music → Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 - An Enemy Approaches

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    Submission Details

    Name: Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 - An Enemy Approaches
    Author: Bak Sangwoo
    Insert Size: 0x30F bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: None
    Source: Port
    Duration: 0:57
    Featured: No
    Description: The battle theme from Compile's dungeon crawler series, localized in English as Sorcery Saga. Based on the Mega Drive remake.
    Preview: Play SPC
    Tags: abstract ambient boss dark mysterious tense
    Comments: 1 (jump to comments)
    0.0 (0 ratings)
    No rating
    Download 32.67 KiB | 138 downloads

    Comments (1)

    Klug Link
    BAYOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!! Arle for Smash when???

    Glad to see some moar Puyo Puyo/Sorcery Saga ports. I'm glad that you've finally managed to port it unsampled, but oh boy, I love those instrument choices, dood! Keep up!

    And BEE TEE DUBS, the actual name of this song is actually "An Enemy Approaches". Just look at the song list here!