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What's Thanksgiving Without Turkey?

Super Mario World Hacks → What's Thanksgiving Without Turkey?

Submission Details

Name: What's Thanksgiving Without Turkey?
Author: OmegaLuigi
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Story: Mario was getting ready for Thanksgiving by tidying up his house. Then, he remembered he hadn't gotten the turkey yet!

Mission_316 (Level 1)
Jimmy52905 (Level 2)
Carol (Starman)

Update (01/02/2020): Fixed music issue in accurate emulators.
Tags: music no boss traditional vanilla
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
3.5 (4 ratings)
No rating
Download 133.96 KiB | 1,681 downloads


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Comments (9)

Mega Link
Played this the other day for Turkey day and it was a classic. the turkey at the end scared me a bit I won't lie.
BoozeWash Link
certified hood classic
itsam Link
The first hack I ever played, good times..
AnkisethTheMonk Link
2 short levels. There's not much to it but I always want more holiday-themed hacks and it's nice to have something for Thanksgiving. Not sure what else to say other than the turkey looks horrifying.
karinou Link
It was my first hack played when i started SMW hack in june 2021 :D
OmegaLuigi Author Link
I have no clue why this keeps showing up, I released this in 2011 hahaha, I should do a do-over before it's eventually fully removed (as it probably should be)
Very Easy there is no fun because it´s to Easy
SirMystic Link
Nothing too crazy, just two very easy exits with a reward of a very disturbing looking turkey for your efforts. 3/5
 Counterfeit From older version: What's Thanksgiving Without Turkey? Link
This is a really simple hack: it's barebones with no complicated obstacles. It's structurally varied but lacks challenge. Most of it can be passed by running and jumping, although there are some awkward swimming segments where you're blocked off by invisible music note blocks. Unlike classic Mario though, there's not even any secret to find within the levels.

Yoshi's purpose isn't clear to me, since the hack is already very easy. Since he and the blue shells are present in the first level, you can fly over much of everything.

The only ExGFX present in this otherwise vanilla hack will be the turkey you find at the very end of the second level. The setting of the hack is perfect for finding a turkey (i.e. innawoods) and the hack uses the Forest of Illusion submap. The paths are already revealed but you have to play the two levels in sequence, which I find to be a downside since it always looks neater to have paths be revealed.

Music breaks in the first level at the loop sometimes and other times you can hear a screech. In the second level, grabbing a star or spitting Yoshi's fireball will kill all sound and the game will crash when you die or go down a pipe.