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Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario World Hacks → Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom

Submission Details

Name: Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom
Author: AuraDee
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Halloween is in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario goes out trick-or-treating with Luigi. After a while, Mario got bored and he went home to pass out candies. When he came back out, nobody was coming around so Mario went to go check to see what was happening.

Update (02/02/2020): Fixed music issue in accurate emulators.
Tags: asm exgfx holiday music no boss traditional
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
3.6 (5 ratings)
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Comments (6)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
Short Halloween-themed hack. 5 minutes, 3 levels. Uses some neat custom sprites. Level design is kinda wonky to me but I can't place it at all, it just flowed weird for me. Thanks for making a Halloween hack, this one fits into a holiday marathon very well.
Hacks Are Unfair Link
Folklore Link
Why would you even release this?
Roy_Maluco Link
Muito boa hacker,bom trabalho.
NatsuFireball Link
A very nice Halloween themed hack, good job =]

Just a remark : maybe can you put a saving prompt after the last exit ?

I wish your next hack will have more levels like these !

5/5 (5 stars) Thank you =]
 Counterfeit From older version: Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom Link
Every level has the same enemies, same prospects, no sense of forward progress, and a lot of the same, boring colors.

Unlike some of the better Halloween hacks, nothing happens in here that is genuinely creepy. It feels like a barebones hack with makeup on it to fill the niche of a holiday-themed hack: you'll see lots of Dry Bones, and some zombie Goombas and zombie Toads. Nothing jumps out at you, there are no heart-wrenching stories, main characters aren't dying, you're not in a nightmare, etc.

You mostly just run and jump over things, left-to-right. The levels don't hide any secrets, much less have alternate rooms' pipes in plain view. The castle's the only level that feels a little different and it's only because there are areas with obstructing Thwomps that you have to spin jump on to pass.

The crude new graphics clash with other SMW scenery: lack of outline around the land makes the bushes look weird on it. The Goomba's brain has no outlines and it's actually hard at first sight to tell it's a zombie. The title screen is a giant blocky image of Mario. The death frame of the Koopa wasn't changed to be consistent with the new graphics, either.

Unlike the last Halloween hack I played, there's a happy ending with Luigi here, if you happen to be a staunch Luigi fan who doesn't like to see Luigi decapitated but rather alive and well... and there's no boss. It's an easy hack, but there's not enough going on in this hack to satisfy even most entry-level players.