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Item Memory Clearing

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Submission Details

Name: Item Memory Clearing
Author: BTD6_maker
Submitted: by  BTD6_maker
Type: Main
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This code allows you to clear a page of Item Memory when Yoshi exits a sublevel by pipe or door. It is intended to be used when Yoshi cannot return to the previous area (to stop items from being collected multiple times) and in levels with 5 or more sublevels (where otherwise there is a possibility of items disappearing on sublevels that share Item Memory pages with earlier sublevels). You can choose a specific screen in the sublevel where exiting will clear Item Memory, and also which page you wish to clear.
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Comments (2)

 BTD6_maker Author Link
The section is there, but at the moment no submissions have been moderated. I can moderate SPASM, but at the moment both submissions are by me.
Koop the Koopa Link
Why is the SPASM section not there?