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Song Title


    Tetris Attack - Blaze Stage

    SMW Music → Tetris Attack - Blaze Stage

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    Comments (4)

    7 up Link
    Why must @17 be so bad?!

    You're absolutely right about this sample's usage. I have no idea why you decided to use it instead of something else if you knew it sounded wrong. Take more time to experiment with other samples.
    Zavok Link
    Maxodex Link
    just because it's an electric guitar doesn't mean you have to use @17, even you noticed it doesn't sound that good. i'd recommend using @0 or @1 instead, as they sound a bit closer to overdrive guitars. also, i'd recommend you give the @10 an attack of F instead of using its default adsr.

    other than that, this is actually pretty well made. nice!
    Arash Link
    This has to be one of the hardest songs to port unsampled, while still managing to keep it within acceptable insert size.

    That being said, you did a fantastic job with what you had to work with.