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Friday Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Friday Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Friday Mario World
Author: strizer86
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Mario is working for the weekend!

Friday Mario World is a kaizo light hack that is vanilla with the exception sprite killers, 1F0s, & multiple CPs. This project quickly went from learning LM to create a single level, into a full blown hack with the help of the community. 11 Exit not including the final boss as there is no save after.

Called Friday Mario World as I was given time at work every Friday to work on a solo creative effort. The result is this hack so I hope you guys enjoy!

Difficulty is aimed to be intermediate for the most part. If you want to tackle the hardest this hack has to offer try your hand at the Star World. Quality of life asm has been applied such as no L/R scroll, wall clip fix, ON/OFF cooldown, quick retry, etc.

Inspired by MANY great hacks I've played in the last year I wanted to create a hack that is right in the sweet spot for run time.

v1.1 Changes
* Changed nets to Act As vines to make easier to grab
* Removed slope after vine in Crunch Time to avoid confusion
* Changed 3rd note block jump in Hidden Oasis to force player/camera forward after
* Fixed slight graphical cutoff in Hidden Oasis
* Bumped up final landing before Hidden Oasis CP to increase visibility
* Moved Secret Exit in Sewer Surfin' to be in first half (sorry guys!)
* Added sprite killer at end of Ice Palace to prevent shell brought forward
* Adjusted middle of Growing Pains to make it more flexible
* Moved the saw in Growing Pains so you can make the cycle
* Moved green shell in 2nd half of Trials of Victory to avoid killing Thwomp

v1.2 Changes
* Fixed graphical cutoffs around pipes
* Removed off screen munchers in Hot Pursuit
* Fixed cheese in first section of Haunted Castle
* Fixed potential softlock in Ultra Shell
* Widened cement platform at the very start of Trials of Victory
* Slightly raised ceiling before CP in Trials of Victory
* Fixed jump you could cheese in 2nd half of Trials of Victory
* Raised Trials of Victory boss arena ceiling
* Applied float delay fix for cape

v1.21 Changes
* Fixed graphical cutoffs
* Removed floating ? block in Wicked Woods to prevent bubble despawn

v1.22 Changes
* Fixed potential softlock in Haunted Castle
Tags: custom music vanilla
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Comments (1)

Kimota Link
Didn't love this one. Felt disjointed in spots, with the tricks not flowing together. There were also several instances of major cheese (in v1.22). In two of those instances that I can recall, the cheese was so obvious that I figured it out before even understanding what strat was intended.

There were definitely hard parts (e.g. Trials of Victory), but I didn't care for them because a lot of it just felt like making things very tight with low ceilings and spikes everywhere. Giving the player more breathing space would be good (you can still make it hard with space). I definitely disliked both bosses and found it sloppy that you used the same gimmick of disco shell in a very tight space for both.

That said, there are fun parts and some solid ideas. Maybe others will appreciate more than I did.