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Momoku Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Momoku Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Momoku Mario World
Author: penguin64
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is a barely kaizo kack intended to be routed and played blindfolded.

Shoutouts to for beating v1.0 blindfolded in just over 15 minutes!

New in v1.1:
Munchers and spikes flipped reluctantly.
Tags: gimmick vanilla
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
3.5 (2 ratings)
No rating
Download 28.81 KiB | 987 downloads


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Comments (4)

Soldier_LP Link
i never thought i would find a slipknot maggot in kaizo community
Kimota Link
To me, mostly felt like random elements slapped together with hardly any flow.
Adriel_Isaque Link
Good, creative hack, good difficulty curve too. It would be great if you had some custom songs and a boss at the end. But it doesn't take credit. Congratulations.
dogemaster Link
does the kaizo police put me in the jail if i dont play this blindfolded