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Unnamed 2D Mario Game

Super Mario World Hacks → Unnamed 2D Mario Game

Submission Details

Name: Unnamed 2D Mario Game
Author: Dominicentek
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: If you want to change something about the hack, leave comment with your idea!

Unnamed 2D Mario Game plays exactly like normal Mario game from Nintendo would.

I'm going to release April Fools version of this hack on April 1st. It will be a meme version of this hack with terrible level design and some virtual boy filters (may cause headaches)

I've just done World 2, World 3 and the rest isn't finished yet, so this is just a demo.

Tester's Note: When entering Iggy's bossfight everything may be glitchy, but it doesn't affect any gameplay. It not always happens, but sometimes it will.

If somebody knows how to fix it, please tell me in the comments. It will be immediately fixed in upcoming release (for example: When the hack will be in Beta 2.3, somebody will tell me how to fix it, those graphical glitches will be fixed in Beta 2.4)
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Comments (9)

Charge 'n Chuck Link
How do you open bps files???
Koop the Koopa Link
This is great! Good work!
LOLRyan2006 the Goombud Link
Gonna play SM16 later
Dominicentek Author Link
Thanks LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan! I've tried to come up with unique worlds unlike Nintendo.
LOLRyan2006 the Goombud Link
It is very creative. I like the Tetris-style levels and the Shadow level

I can't wait for Beta 3 and Super Mario 16!
UltraBolt Link
Is not so fun and too glitchy.
Dominicentek Author Link
I'm now busy because I have Super Mario Bros. 16 in development.

Next version will be a full release. I promise.
kaitri Link
i recommend to just take this down yourself and re-upload it before mods put in the work only for you to release a new version.
also you forgot to add any tags.
Dominicentek Author Link
Sorry, I forgot to update the title screen so it shows its Beta 2.1 but its actually Beta 2.2

I also can't update or delete this hack anymore, so I think I will release betas on my YT Channel. Only full hack will be uploaded to SMW Central.