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Super Beast World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Beast World

Submission Details

Name: Super Beast World
Author: SuperBeastGN
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is my first rom hack, I've dedicated it to my friends and community. In this game, Mario must embark on a journey to defeat King Boo for being a big jerk. There are 10 levels and a boss fight. I hope everyone enjoys.

Update v1.1

- Removed wall clips. (This was a pain in Wise Crackin')
- Updated visuals in "GorillaGlue Gardens" and "The Punisher".
- Fixed potential exploit in "Marley's Mansion".
- Fixed the pipes cutting through the ground in some levels.
- Added a room before the final boss.
Tags: music
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
4.5 (11 ratings)
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Comments (20)

Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
xPaulx Link
lovely hack ! im a begginer with some rhack finished and this one was a great challenge! thanks beast for this creation.
bsolt Link
Overall simple lvl design, which fits for the hacks audience and difficulty lvl. Good hack for folks who want to continue to grow their kaizo skills.

The first half of the water section was all percision swimming, which isn't bad but was a huge spike in difficulty and seemed out of palce for the hack. The final castle sections seemed long without a cp and the second half was a bit tedious with the platform escort.

Great job on your first hack and looking forward to your next creation.
DukeTheDog Link
Great Music Fun levels. I loved the hack.
WiseAnorak Link
I just finished it. Awesome hack for very beginners like me. It took me about 6 hours to finish all levels.
Most of levels are easy, with a good learning curve. I was not used to tight water levels and it took me a lot of time to finish it (the first half only, the second took me only 2 tries). The final castle is very long but also enjoyable.
Congrats and I'm waiting for the next.
Ilucuthen Link
I pretty much agree with gresh on this one. Good hack, there were parts I didn't like, oh well. I do think the munchers in the first half of the water level were a little too precise compared to the rest of the hack, even if the average experienced kaizo player would have no trouble with it.
Sivarticus Link
Took me about an hour to finish this hack, and I greatly enjoyed it! I think this would be a great hack for beginners. While it does have some tight sections I think it's totally beginner friendly. Yes, the water section sucks and we all hate them, but thankfully it's a short level :)
Kaizinho Link
Parece incrível,vou ver o quanto demoro passar 💣
tweety Link
is so good i love music first level really good hack #smw{:peace:}
The_Uber_Camper Link
Finished it in 51 minutes with 141 deaths, I'm not the best kaizo player out there.

Pretty decent hack, I definitely agree with other posters about it being a good beginner hack with 2 exceptions:

1: Post-CP in the bomb level, that portion was over half of my deaths throughout the entire hack.

2: Pre-CP in the water level, that was crazy tight compared to the rest of the hack, I feel like beginners would struggle lots there.

The only other thing I would've changed is how long the autoscroller section was in the castle, the beginning half of it just felt like busy-work. These things are what drops it from a 5 to a 4 to me, but still a fun little hack!
ajdoinwork Link
sick hack :) beat it in one sitting. On the easier side but still super fun i enjoyed every moment. the bomb level was my favorite. The water level is hard. its super tight but its definitely beatable. I HATE WATER LEVELS!!! but so does everyone else haha
MazkoMac Link
Finished all exits in about an hour or so. Awesome very beginner friendly hack.

Totally disagree with the criticism from gresh. The water level of course is the worst (as is every water level in every Kaizo) but only took two or three tries to beat and was too long at all.

The last level was justifiably harder but still totally reasonable within the difficulty context of this hack. By tedious I guess he meant a little harder?

Anyways, great little Kaizo hack, would recommend to any Kaizo beginner.

PhexaWint Link
Really easy and straightforward, but pretty fun
Reyreyhdz Link
Super 😎 hack
gresh Link
welp just finished it but on the previous version.
the hack is really really good, however, the water level sucks and the contrast to the rest of the hack's quality is way too big.
also i did not personally like the last level because it got tedious pretty fast compared to all the other levels but that may vary person to person.
SuperBeastGN Author From older version: Super Beast World Link
Originally posted by Adriel_Isaque
Excellent hack. It was very good, very good color palettes too. Songs 10. I only had a question in "Marley's Mansion" at the end of the level, whether it was a cheese or a troll. Other than that, perfect work. Congratulations.

Glad you enjoyed it, the end of "Marley's Mansion" is indeed a troll.
Adriel_Isaque From older version: Super Beast World Link
Excellent hack. It was very good, very good color palettes too. Songs 10. I only had a question in "Marley's Mansion" at the end of the level, whether it was a cheese or a troll. Other than that, perfect work. Congratulations.
lazy_star From older version: Super Beast World Link
A good beginner hack with short levels#smrpg{y}
MrBread From older version: Super Beast World Link
I enjoyed this hack, fun to play.
Here is my feedback:
-Some backgrounds are just black or vanilla + black. While this doesn't bother too much, it really looks weird in "The Punisher".
-You should consider moving the cp after the pipe in "The Punisher", so you don't have to make that transition every time.
-Also, you should consider adding "The final battle" to "The Punisher". It's weird having a separate level for a boss fight.
-The water level was so repetitive mate.
-In the OW, try to make events that reveal the paths, instead of having them already showed up.

Overall, liked it, and it had my favorite type of trolls, the fake ones! #smrpg{:D}
flex5k From older version: Super Beast World Link
Good job with this, SuperBeastGN! After watching ldad play this on his stream earlier, I thought I'd put together an extremely mediocre speedrun.

Difficulty comparable to Quickie World. It's definitely an entry level Kaizo hack. However, I enjoyed the fast paced level design. A sub-12 is definitely doable.

My criticism's are as follows:

.Wall-clips are awful, especially in Wise Crackin. Patch it up!
.Uncheese the corner-shell jump section in the ghost house.
.Enhance and potentially add more obstacles and features in the water level, because as it stands, it seems to massively resemble Learn 2 Kaizo's water level. It's also extremely slow and tedious!