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Super One Point Oh

Super Mario World Hacks → Super One Point Oh

Submission Details

Name: Super One Point Oh
Author: MDBattleFrog
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: In these crazy days, we have a lot of time to really buckle down, expand on ideas, and create a masterpiece of Kaizo that could be unrivaled for years to come.

So I made a hack in under 8 hours.

This was not done in one sitting. The timer was only running while I was actively building, meaning any time testing making sure it's actually playable was not counted. Any time I was in Lunar Magic moving stuff went towards the total, including OW and Credits. I did not plan levels before opening LM, as I feel that would be cheating.

-A mostly vanilla experience, with the exception of death blocks, better platforms, and the QOL patches on the baserom. No custom ASM or sprites.
-6 masterful and totally not jank levels
-Speaking of levels, they might be too tight, who knows
-No secrets Pog
-A level without a CP
-One questionable Goomba jump
-A revolutionary Wendy fight
-Hopefully features fun

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Comments (6)

Miscalc Link
This was a blast. Took quite a bit of problem solving but totally worth it. Amazing how quickly this was made.
Superkriko Link
Dude the “is this ultrastar?” Is driving me crazy! What do i do with the goomba in the second section? Please i'm stuck
12AngryBirds Link
I really enjoyed this hack. More challenging than I was expecting for how quickly it was made, but that's not a bad thing.
ToxicAven Link
Really good, simple kaizo. for the 8 hour creation time and no chocolate, this is a great romhack. this is what members of the community should shoot for in their own speed hacks.
MDBattleFrog Author Link
The write up and such is just tongue in cheek because of how fast I made it lol I'm actually pretty happy with the results.
Noob Link
Short and very interesting stages ... what does MDBattlefrog mean? an excellent producer of creative Hacks and without clichés ... now I am in the third phase (playing without Savestates and by cell phone) and I will not say anymore ... an extremely fair and interesting challenge ... 5/5