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Título da Canção


    Unreal Tournament '99 - Nether Animal

    Música para SMW → Unreal Tournament '99 - Nether Animal

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    Detalhes da Submissão

    Nome: Unreal Tournament '99 - Nether Animal
    Autor: Dippy
    Tamanho de Inserção: 0x086B bytes
    Tipo: Canção
    Utilização de Sample: Muita
    Fonte: Port
    Duração: 5:00
    Em Destaque: Não
    Descrição: Another UT '99 port and it's also another one of Michiel's tracks. It's another long DnB song that could be useful for abstract levels.

    Not compatible with Thunder, Blarggs, Yoshis and the Bonus End song.

    Edit 4/12/2020: I've updated the port so now compatibility with the death and starman jingles should be restored.
    Visualização: Tocar SPC
    Marcadores: abstract athletic castle dark environmental misc tense
    Comentários: 6 (pular para comentários)
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    Download 99,08 KiB | 294 downloads

    Comentários (6)

    ZelRaat Link
    Goddamn. We need more SMW DnB please, those are so good.
    janklorde Link
    This tune is phenomenal. Would love more like this, SMW doesnt have enough breaks.
    Maxodex Link
    one of the coolest ports i've heard. surprisingly small too. some of the samples have kind of janky loop points, but that's a minor complaint.
    Dippy Author Link
    Originally posted by KevinM
    This is also incompatible with starman, bonus end and death jingle btw

    Oh, thank you for bringing attention to that. I've updated the port with an update that should restore compatibility with the death and starman jingles. I've also did what Samantha suggested and change all the r1 loops to r2 and label looping them, which brings down the insert size a little bit. Thanks guys!
     Kevin Link
    This is also incompatible with starman, bonus end and death jingle btw
     Samantha Link
    This is a really good port! Although I will say looking at the txt you could save a lot of space by making all the r1 loops r2 loops and label looping them.