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Título da Canção


    Dragon's Curse - The Danger Zone

    Música para SMW → Dragon's Curse - The Danger Zone

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    Detalhes da Submissão

    Nome: Dragon's Curse - The Danger Zone
    Autor: yoshi9429
    Histórico de Versões: Ver
    Tamanho de Inserção: 0x740 bytes
    Tipo: Canção
    Utilização de Sample: Nenhuma
    Fonte: Port
    Duração: 1:04
    Em Destaque: Não
    Descrição: An athletic sounding track that would fit to mountain areas with volcanoes, or a fire-themed level.

    - Ver.1.01 -
    Lower the global volume.

    - Ver.1.02 -
    Adding a drum sound that plays when you ride Yoshi.
    Visualização: Tocar SPC
    Marcadores: athletic desert fire mountain
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    Comentários (1)

     bebn legg Link
    A few notes.

    First, you don't need v0 at the beginning of #6 since all that's playing there is rests; this just takes up extra space.

    Second, you don't need to keep redefining @10 for every note (unlike with instruments @[email protected]) since it is not considered a percussion instrument by AMK. Hence, redefining it for each repeated @10 note takes extra space.

    Third, I changed #optimized to #default since it inserts fine.

    Finally, since channel #5 was completely empty for the version without Yoshi drums, I changed channel #6 to channel #5 to prevent any SFX cutoff.