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Configurable Amount of Baby Yoshi Eats

UberASM Repository → Configurable Amount of Baby Yoshi Eats

Submission Details

Name: Configurable Amount of Baby Yoshi Eats
Author: Kevin
Type: Level, Game Mode
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This simple code will change the required amount of things Baby Yoshi has to eat to grow up for the level you put it in (or for all levels, if used in gamemode 14). Note that powerups will still make him grow immediately, and "double eats" still apply (if he eats 2 things in quick succession, it will count as 3).
Tags: baby yoshi lorom sa-1 yoshi
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Comments (1)

 Maarfy Link
Clever implementation! Works just fine. Note that setting !Eats = 0 will make it so that baby Yoshi grows after eating #256 sprites. Other than that, everything is very straightforward.

Tested with Asar 1.71, Lunar Magic 3.11, SA-1 1.32, Snes9x 1.59.2, UberASM Tool 1.4.