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Song Title


    Super Mario Maker 2 - Pop & Win!

    SMW Music → Super Mario Maker 2 - Pop & Win!

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    Submission Details

    Name: Super Mario Maker 2 - Pop & Win!
    Author: bebn legg
    Insert Size: 0x1C0 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: None
    Source: Port
    Duration: 0:23
    Featured: No
    Description: The suspenseful and upbeat bonus game music added in the ver. 3.0.0 update of Super Mario Maker 2, giving love to the crusty SMW piano after 30 years.

    It can, as the name sort of implies, be used for minigames and other types of short bonus stages where there's suspense involved. It could also be used as P-Switch music, although the song's length is a bit longer than the vanilla P-Switch music's. (On that note, if you do want to use it as P-Switch music, make sure to uncomment the "#option TempoImmunity" line in the .txt; you can find instructions on how to do it there.)
    Preview: Play SPC
    Tags: bonus cutscene misc p-switch
    Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
    4.7 (7 ratings)
    No rating
    Download 30.28 KiB | 287 downloads

    Comments (8)

    G3rminho Link
    oh i love it good job
    MilkyMooer Link
    This song is very much gamer
    Captain 3 Link
    The piano seems to be lacking an echo, but sounds amazing otherwise!
    KazakhGuy Link
    nice p-switch theme
    Pancake001 Link
    I like it.
    FailSandwich Link
    Wow, nice!
    bandicoot Link
    I think that with a few adjustments this can also be used as a P-switch theme
    LOLRyan2006 the Goombud Link
    Yes, thank you.

    Also, are you the only one in SMWC who referenced SMM2 3.0?

    Do Baseball Theme! (SMW SMM2 Unsampled and 8-bit sampled!)

    EDIT: YEEEES!!! :)