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Total Jotary World

Super Mario World Hacks → Total Jotary World

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Total Jotary World. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Total Jotary World
Author: Narcologer
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: New and improved version of "Delta X"
-Mario has a new palette and his name is Jotary now.
-Fixes of level layout's mistakes.
-New desert-themed level
-"DIO's city" is called "Cairo" now and lengtened up with new section


Level art: Gamma V, Narcologer, Mr. Pixelator, FuSoYa,

Layouts: Narcologer

Sprites: Schwa, Leod, Imamelia, (enemies) Narcologer (bosses), mikeyk (level ender), Darolac

Music: Samantha, SlameseTwins, EDIT3333, tcdw, Nameless, Ultima, Narcologer (port of roundabout), TheInsanity115

Testing: TheBlad768
Tags: asm bosses exgfx jojo music
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Comments (2)

Royal_ish Link
This was a nice and short demo. I am interested in more so I will keep a look out. The mini-bosses were cool, though it would be nice to remove the one hit killing with the fireball. Just a suggestion.
Keep it up and can't wait for me!
Edit. I forgot to add that I would consider this normal difficulty, not hard. I just started back up playing SMW and rom-hacks after years of not playing. I beat this in about 30 minutes. Noting too hard,but still challenging and fun.
 1UPdudes Link
After moderating this I can say the hack is a short and sweet experience that was fun to play.
Each level has a small boss fight to it so if you like hacks that keep challenging you all the way to a levels end then I recommend giving it a play.

#smrpg{y} Nice Work