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Tithered Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Tithered Mario

Submission Details

Name: Tithered Mario
Author: Anonymous
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Tattered Mario Summer Reform

As a result of this modification, I went back to the summer modification and fixed the video bug.

Stage 2-Leaf Race needs to be modified and raced

Stage 3-Fixed pointer.

Stage 6-You cannot go below the level

Stage 13-Other

Those are the only changes. Please enjoy.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx gimmick music
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.5 (4 ratings)
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Comments (10)

Metballs Link
This hack is quite brutal to play. Each level has an interesting gimmick and it challenged me in many interesting ways. I did enjoy every level I played and it especially felt satisfying beating the levels. Just like Wyatt said, it's a non-kaizo hack that the player has to approach like a kaizo hack. The thing with vanilla kaizo hacks is that most of them feels very samey in my opinion. This hack felt really different from the other general kaizo hacks and that's why I really enjoyed this hack. Only issues with this is that the difficulty curve doesn’t really exist and you can’t start+select out of levels (why?)

tl;dr really cool ideas, brutal implementation. Would definitely recommend this hack to those that wants a unique kaizo experience

Wyatt Link
This is the only "alt" kaizo hack. It doesn't force fast-paced play, or even make clear how you're intended to approach obstacles, but the player will quickly realize that developing their own fast strats is the best way to play. It's a non-kaizo hack that the player has to approach like a kaizo hack. A world of chaos in which the player creates order.

If you find yourself bored of the standard kaizo fare, play this.

orka-bln Link
This hack challenged me in ways no other hack ever did.
Zappa Link
*under moderation* when?
SquidBoy20 Link
Good hack! #smw{:TUP:}
Nyan Cat From older version: Tithered Mario Link
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Tithered Mario Link
Fun creative hack! Would recommend to everyone, especially new players.
 Atari2.0 From older version: Tithered Mario Link
Originally posted by Romano338
Slow downs aren't an opinion but facts worthy of a reject though. But props to you for not quitting and being objective in your moderation #tb{;)}

Slowdown isn't mentioned in the submission rules (it probably should but I'm gonna fix that once I'll get a proper update for them)
Romano338 From older version: Tithered Mario Link
Slow downs aren't an opinion but facts worthy of a reject though. But props to you for not quitting and being objective in your moderation #tb{;)}
 Atari2.0 From older version: Tithered Mario Link
This hack barely passed moderation, it breaks the core value for the clean graphics but that's pretty much it, so, seeing as there was nothing else really reject worthy, I've gone ahead and accepted it. However I would still like to give my 5 cents on this hack. Please keep in mind that everything beyond this point is totally MY PERSONAL OPINION and wasn't taken into consideration when thinking about the moderation.
To sum it up into one sentence: this hack wasn't fun to play for me. Out of the 13 exits in the game, I had fun with 3, maybe 4, everything else was just me too stubborn to quit again and forcing myself to complete levels. I want to preface this by saying that I played this game without savestates, except for the last castle and I'm gonna go into more details about it later, the hack remains in Kaizo:light because it was proven to be beatable without savestates by anonimiousbl00dlust.
A lot of levels used weird mechanics that felt weird and out of place for a game like SMW, some mechanics weren't properly explained or explained at all. Some levels were basically a big game of "how to avoid the 20 projectiles coming at you", which is not what I find fun in a platforming game like SMW. A couple of levels are so cluttered with sprites that the game lags to the point where it felt like playing at 50% speed. Length is also another problem, where some sections overstayed their welcome quite a lot. There was a level, towards the end of the game, where I almost quit for a second time just because the way to beat it is so incredibly tedious (keep in mind, not hard, tedious). The difficulty curve is all over the place, level 1 and 2 are enormously hard, then there's some levels that are just on the intermediate way of kaizo:light and then the hack ends with some of the hardest levels I've ever played, borderline kaizo:hard. I'll have to say tho, that the addition of retry in this new version is very welcome.
Now let's get back on the topic of why exactly I decided to use savestates for the final level. The final castle of the game is a multi-room gauntlet, with around 6 to 8 rooms, each 5/6 screens long, that re-uses mechanics previously used in all the levels. There is a checkpoint at the start of each room, however, if you turn the game off, the checkpoint won't save, making you re-do the entire castle from the beginning every time you have to turn off the emulator/console. So I savestated at the start of each room just to not have to replay every room each time I took a break from the hack.
Why did I accept this hack if I didn't have fun at all then you might ask. And well, I have an answer. Basically I want the moderation process to be as objective as possible, and while I think that this hack is extremely niche, it will have some people that will enjoy playing it. The game tries to base itself off of old japanese hacks and, while I do not have much experience with those, I respect that decision, and as a result of that, while deciding wether to reject or accept this, I only took into consideration the objectively broken parts of the game, ultimately deciding to accept it because there wasn't enough wrong with it to justify a rejection. That's the simplest explanantion.