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Things.smc 2: Booni's Island.smc

Yoshi's Island Hacks → Things.smc 2: Booni's Island.smc

Submission Details

Name: Things.smc 2: Booni's Island.smc
Author: Sweetdude
Demo: No
Length: 10 level(s)
Description: ----This is a Kaizo YI hack----

Ironically, this will be released before Things.smc 1 is done.


1) Q: When will Things.smc be finished?

A: I'm still working on it, I just wanted to take a short 1 month break to make a YI hack (Ignore this when Things.smc is actually done).

2) Q: How hard is this hack?

A: I made this hack very beginner friendly, even if you haven't played YI before, you should still be able to beat the Any%, the 100% on the other hand, is much more difficult, but I believe with enough time you can still do it!

3) Q: Why a YI hack?

A: YI is actually extremely fun and has a lot of tech/sprites in it, did you know that YI actually has 500 different sprites in the base game alone?!?

4) Q: Are you a YI hacker now?

A: No, I still want to make SMW levels; however, I do really like YI so expect more YI stuff (maybe even other games) from me.

5) Q: Why did you release this on New Years Eve?

A: I don't have enough room to fit 2019-2020 on the title screen.

Have fun and GL, I know you can do it!

v1.01 edit: Fixed a potential crash in level 1-4 Bonus area.

v1.1 edit: made some things easier, fixed the 1-4 bonus area crash bug (again).

v1.2 edit: some minor graphical changes, and completely re-edited 1-4 bonus area, along with some minor gameplay changes
Tags: beginner bosses kaizo music
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Comments (8)

willy1inch Link
I had so much fun playing this. I found myself being really surprised by a lot of the setups and the final boss mechanics are amazing and hilarious. I would love to see more Yoshi's Island hacks like this. Tough obstacles are made so bearable with one hit kills and fast retry. Hope you, or more people make more of these in the future!
TheBourgyman Link
Loved it! The setups are awesome, but for me it was all about the 100% run; the regular levels are really short, which is probably fitting for new YI players. Collecting all the items was pretty satisfying, and I can't recommend enough for players well versed into the YI mechanics to go for the full quest.
ZX497 Link
Really fun, the hack is beginner-friendly with a decent amount of optional challenge. If you've never played YI kaizo before this is a perfect starting point.
The_Uber_Camper Link
Pretty fun, levels should've been longer though, I wanted more!
Gomez534 Link
This Hack is awesome! Did a speedrun and I loved it every try I needed. Respect!
cpdj5 Link
This is awesome! The setups are really creative, you perfectly balanced fun with challenge, and the music is on point.

Exactly what YI Kaizo should be. I hope you give us some more levels soon!
Sweetdude Author Link
Originally posted by XenonZed
Moderation note: Changed the level mode in 1-5 back to 00, since the new setting caused the message box to break.

Thank you
racknae Link
Moderation note: Changed the level mode in 1-5 back to 00, since the new setting caused the message box to break.