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Super Mario Outbreak

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Outbreak

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Outbreak
Author: Gamma V
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A new virus has allegedly spread throughout the Mushroom World, and Bowser's minions are enforcing strict stay-at-home orders to prevent its further spread. Mario, knowing Bowser's history of evil deeds, is suspicious, so he violates the orders to investigate.

This hack is inspired by some of the conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, but it's not meant to promote them. I got the idea to do a COVID-19-inspired hack after a couple weeks of being stuck at home because of it. I felt that a hack inspired by the COVID conspiracies would be more interesting (and easier to make) than one that just has Mario fighting the virus. Besides, people need something more to do while they're on lockdown, right?
Tags: asm cutscenes exgfx hdma music story
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Comments (19)

karinou Link
It was a pretty cool hack, and like each time i'm enjoy so much of it, thank you GAMMAV
i'm from russia Link
Very good Romhack!I like it!
L99 Link
This is a chill hack, visually it looked nice, and the music was very good. I liked how there was a lot of power ups making this easy and fun to complete.
SharkBread Link
Great hack. Good bg, graphics, and level design. 9/10.
nordict Link
#smw{x_x} oh no a virus in the mushroom kingdom
OctavioDB2010 Link
Gamma soy uno de tus fans #lm{16x}#w{=D}
OctavioDB2010 Link
Me gusta mucho este hack rom lo he probado y me parece uno de los mejores espero que creen una secuela para este =) #wario{^_^} #smw{^_^}
Mariofan85 Link
Nice game
ronaldo_justo Link
Hack is very beautiful backgrounds, nice!
raquelas Link
hey this is just idea but if mario is infected, maybe you can make him shoot not fireballs but corona viruses. idk just saying #smrpg{sick}
NoobNinja1 Link
Nice 10/10! #smw{:TUP:},
Retro Master HD Link
Looks promising, can’t wait for the full thing. #tb{:]}8>#ab{:D}#smw{:TUP:}#wario{:peace:}
Zavok Link
Great job!
Gamma V Author Link
@Darkslayer: That thing with the vine is supposed to be a puzzle. You have to break the block above it first before kicking a shell into it. IT rewards you for staying powered-up until that point. For the Goomba-Generating Pipes, I just used MarioFanGamer's Customizable Shooter. I also used it for the leaf spawner used in a couple forest levels.
qantuum Link
Well done buddy, as always your design is ragequit-proof for me and it feels good, although I used savestate for the last traps in the forest word. It is very accurate which traps and obstacles will get me stuck a significant amount of time, I don't know why they'd always get me.

Very nice music selection and graphics, also the boss fights and cutscenes were good.

I saw some sort of glitch in one of the forest level, don't know whether it is intended? Well, there is a place where you kick a shell in a turn block and it reveals a growing vine. But, if you didn't break the brick above the growing vine, it does not grow higher. If it is not intended you may as well replace it with a cloud tile, if it is, that's sneaky :p

Another glitch is the color glitch on the item reserve when you're fighting the second boss.

I also have a question, which sprite spawner similar to SMB3, do you use in Block Town 4?
SquidBoy20 Link
Now, THIS is a good hack! You've really improved Gamma, nice job!! #smw{^_^}
Soonstar Link
Interesting Rom Hack
Gamma V Author Link
Originally posted by OEO6
The game crashes when we press the 'Select' button and call the item in the power-up box. Get the news! I'm at the second level right now and the game looks great again. You're successful. I hope you can fix the 'Select' error. #smrpg{y}

I just checked it, and yeah, it does crash. The only thing I can think of that caused it is the fix I applied to keep the keyhole effect from canceling out HDMA gradients. I undid that and just did a workaround.
OEO6 Link
The game crashes when we press the 'Select' button and call the item in the power-up box. Get the news! I'm at the second level right now and the game looks great again. You're successful. I hope you can fix the 'Select' error. #smrpg{y}