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5.3.20 Magnolia

Super Mario World Hacks → 5.3.20 Magnolia

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Neidave Link
This is the rom hack I enjoyed by far the most in a really long time! While it´s mainly vanilla, the music as well as the palettes match up to some beautiful aesthetics and the level design is fun. I also enjoyed the length of the hack, short but sweet. While I really struggled with "Boys don´t cry" and lost incredibly many lives with it, I still find it well designed, the level name is just too fitting.
Overall, I strongly recommend this Hack!
bsolt Link
Great short vanilla romp! While some sections were tedious, nothing was overly frustrating. Loved the vertical lvl in the first world.
Cote de Boeuf Link
Overall, I enjoyed the hack, though I probably spent a good 50-70% of my total playtime on Trust Issues and Boys Don't Cry.
I quite disliked the former level; it's a bare-bones ghost house level that, as the name implies, is full of red herrings. The end result is that the player winds up playing through the same segment several times entering doors at random until they find the correct one, which isn't fun. I got the feeling Robju didn't realize that sending the player all the way back to the beginning when they entered an incorrect door was tantamount to death.
Boys Don't Cry, meanwhile, isn't a bad level in itself, but it is considerably harder than any other level in the hack. I will say that I didn't like dying by missing the same cheap fuzzy/sawblade jump repeatedly in the first half, though the second half mostly eschews cheap obstacles even as it retains the first half's difficulty.
I may post a more complete review later.
Ondore's Lies Link
This is really good. It's classic vanilla gameplay, but simple is not easy. Excellent palette work. This really does deserve to be classified as 'hard', but it's not frustrating. I had a good time.
SwampMage Link
awesome hack. really awesome. would suggest the difficulty category is more aligned with "hard".
qantuum Link
shoot I've got my first gameover before being able to save the game. The third level was too hectic for me :'(
Anyways, from what I've seen, good use of vanilla, nice palettes and music, I'd even say you developed something fresh. Good job.
 1UPdudes Link
Feels like a Traditional Vanilla hack having a Fever Dream. I mean this in a good way.
Each level offers something different with some interesting uses of Vanilla Sprites.

The Music Choices push you to keep going and leads you to one of the most charming endings I've seen in a hack.

If you have some time to kill I highly recommend you play this like. SMW Beginners to Veterans there is something for everyone.

Really enjoyed playing through this.
Nice Work TheRobju. #smrpg{y}