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Details for Lessness World
Super Mario World Hacks - Lessness World Show random
File Name: Lessness World
Version History: View
Authors: Alex_X8
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is my first romhack. It's dedicated to the speedrunner and Twitch streamer Lessnessv. This game tries to challenge the player, focusing on precise jumps and movements. It features some of classical kaizo tricks in order to clear the levels.

This hack features:
- Custom music.
- Some custom sprites.
- Instant retry system.
- "No overworld" patch.

I hope you enjoy playing it. I'll really appreciate your comments and constructive criticism.


Patch updated to fix an issue in bonetrousle level, in which the checkpoint brings you to an empty screen falling and dying over and over again.

Level D (after beating Fryguy) redesigned to prevent rope glitch. Minor changes in other levels.


- Minor changes of level design in some levels (to prevent blind jumps or coin trail dependant jumps).
- Minor changes of graphics placement in some levels (cement blocks, munchers, death blocks, and foreground in general).
- Changed some sprites position in some levels.
- Edited some palettes in some castles and ghost house levels.
- Fixed the "spawn throw-blocks" ASM.
- Fixed an issue in level D (again) in which the player can perform a rope-glitch (a bit of level redesign)
- Fixed an issue in level F in which the player can clip to the floor and skip the level (changed some graphics placement).
- Music changed in some levels.
- Music volume modified in some levels.
- Removed some flashing effects in background for the final level.
Tags: asm, custom music, kaizo light, no overworld
Rating: No rating
Download: Download - 1.20 MiB