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Details for Classic Mario World 3: The Finale
Super Mario World Hacks - Classic Mario World 3: The Finale Link - Show random
File Name: Classic Mario World 3: The Finale
Version History: View
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Classic Mario World 3: The Finale Definitive Version

After defeating the Great Alliance in the last adventure Mario took a long vacation but when he returned he discovers that Bowser has taken over Rosalina's Observatory and kidnapped her.
Also there's a warp stars that works as a gateway to his space fortress hidden on his castle, so Mario decides to go on an adventure to save her.

This is a traditional Mario adventure with lots of places to explore, levels in this hack are usually longer than the ones from my previous hacks and even the original SMW but dont worry, this hack features the Multiple Midway points patch,multiple powerups and hidden goodies around to help the player out on their adventure.
Also new to this update are the Longjump and High jump moves seen on my latest hack and some gameplay improvements like the Upward Fireballs and Safe fall patches that can help the players in traversing the levels and lowering a bit in the dificulty department.

This hack was originally released in 2016 as part of the Classic Mario World Trilogy that I worked around the time and were my first 3 hacks submitted and acepted here, during these last years I have been updating and adding new improvements to these hacks so they can be more playable and fun, this is the last part of this.

Also some warning that I must give is that the star coins are not necessary to reach 120 exits neither to 100% the hack, they only unlock a small reward for those who take the time to find a part of them but you dont even need to find every single one for that.
Also you wont be able to reach 93 bonus stars which was their total for the original version since in this new version the Mushroom Castle and Toad's Bonus house dont have star coins anymore, so the new cap now is 91.
Only collect them if you wish or if you like the completionism aspect of the game ;)

You can find the new trailer for this update here:

This hack includes:

- Brazilian Portuguese Translation

- Improved English Translation(dont expect it to be perfect tho, English is still not my first language so I might commit some mistakes but its a major improvement over the original grammar I guess)
Aviso pra versão Brasileira: A Tradução não possui acentos devido as limitações do SMW.

- 90+ new long levels (2 of them are new levels that replaces 2 old levels from the original release)
- 120 exits
- Some Custom graphics
- Custom Music
- Patches

Check the Readme file for more info on this update.

A huge thanks for N450, Anorakun and Fire Fast for helping me with their massive testing for this new version.
And also Erpster2 and the rest of the Brazilian Mario hacks comunity on Discord for helping me out with sugestions and feedback

Tags: asm, bosses, choconilla, gimmick, hdma, huge levels, less exgfx, long, long game, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 3.7 (Votes: 3)
Download: Download - 7.30 MiB
Retro Master HD
I really don’t care if other people think this Hack is horrendous especially because the last comment was incredibly harsh which I really didn’t like the look of, I love this Hack so very much including the 1st and 2nd Classic Mario World. I still have the slightly older version of Classic Mario World 3 because that one had a certain feel to it kinda like this updated new version Classic Mario World 3 Definitive Version. I have two versions of Classic Mario World 3, Classic Mario World 3 and Classic Mario World 3 Definitive Version, their both good SMW Rom Hacks along with your other SMW Rom Hacks that I have played and have completed several times. No matter what other people think about your SMW Rom Hacks I think their all outstanding regardless. By far the best ones I have ever played. The music choices for your SMW Rom Hacks were really amazing also. Keep up the amazing work Bandicoot really hope your working on bringing out another amazing SMW Rom Hack in the future. #tb{:]}#tb{^V^}#tb{:)}#tb{:j}#tb{:D}#ab{:D}#tb{:DD}#ab{:LOL:}#ab{:)}
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
DankClam - Thanks for the constructive feedback, and even if you didnt liked the game I respect your opinion on it#smw{:TUP:}

Especially since as a creator I know that it is NOT a perfect work and might not be for everyone(especially since I decided to take some diferent aproaches with this one) fortunaly I have been able to take people's feedback to make better hacks in my later projects(or at least I tried).

By the way... just so you know: I WAS WATCHING the stream where you were playing this very hack just a few hours ago, and while I personally dont care if you didnt liked the hack I decided to watch a bit of it anyways because I like to see people playing my work and hear constructive criticism and feedback,
unfortunaly that was not the quality content I was looking for since most of it was just "not pleasant behaviors" you were having in your dialogue such as this and especially the ofensive coments towards me.

But dont worry, I wont stoop to your level and do the same to you here, especially since youre probably were just venting your frustrations with the dificulty and sometimes absurd challenges of the game, I just want to say I hope you can learn to properly direct your rage bro, just remember that pretty much every hack that is found on this site is made by someone that have SMW-Hacking as their hobbie, that they use hours from their free time, they dont get one cent out of this and that their work are hard nonetheless, be their hack good or not they work hard to make them, and they do it so people can have fun with them and so themselves can have fun too, you are free to have any opinion youd like on the hacks here, but please at least be a decent person and learn to respect the creators that put the effort to make something that you can play, you rage was really misdirected in that stream.

Despite all that, I wish the best for you.

Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
I have played many, many hacks in the past 4 years of my subpar life, conquered many worlds and levels and have seen many things, so I think it is safe to say this is the worst ROM hack I have ever played. The only praise I can give is the music and the tanooki power up. That is all. The level design, enemy placements, all that was just boring, or frustrating for the sake of being frustrating. The custom bosses were horrid and the vehicle segments were lame. And it's really sad this one sucked because I was really looking forward to this as I enjoyed Classic Mario World 1 and 2. Better luck next time I guess.
Posted by: DankClam - | Link
Wow i'm impressed with this. It's like the earlier ones but more polished and it looks as good as it plays
Posted by: stezo2k - | Link
Very nice hack 10/10 #smrpg{y}
Posted by: Santali - | Link
Very good hack! 10/10! #smrpg{y}
Posted by: Louizz - | Link
Lugi Gamer
Posted by: Lugi Gamer - | Link
Posted by: aaabichou - | Link
Retro Master HD
Already done the first World of the Hack looking good so far. Well done Bandicoot. #tb{:]}#ab{:)}.
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
@benjamin48 - Just use the same .srm you had in the previous version, it will work fine from where you stoped.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
aw...i don,t want to play this from the start again....i was already in like world 6 or 7..maybe i should just start over again..
Posted by: benjamin48 - | Link
Retro Master HD
Definitely going to download this version and give it a play now that it’s finally finished. By the way I’m on the last world of Super Mario World 2 The Princess Rescue 2 Luigi’s Journey. #tb{^V^}#ab{:D}#ab{:LOL:}#wario{^_^}#wario{O_O}#fim{:D}#smw{:D}#tb{:DD}#tb{XD}
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link

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