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Zap & Lena Adventures

Super Mario World Hacks → Zap & Lena Adventures

Submission Details

Name: Zap & Lena Adventures
Author: LucasMegaStriker
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: WARNING: This hack has AUTO-SAVE feature by Alcaro.

IMPORTANTE: Esta hack possui SALVAMENTO AUTOMÁTICO criado por Alcaro.

Zap and Lena foram presos dentro do computador por um malvado hacker! Agora, eles precisam encontrar uma forma de acabar com a festa do hacker, e escapar!

Jogue 19 saídas e 5 mundos divertidos, e de certa forma, desafiadores, incluindo:
> Dois personagens customizados diferentes;
> Diversidade de temas entre os mundos;
> Mundo especial;
> Referências a outros games e piadas internas da página de stream de Zap Antonio;
> Derrote sete chefes diferentes;
> Músicas compostas por diversos artistas da SMWC.

A hack está disponível em duas linguagens, escolha a de sua preferência e divirta-se!

Zap and Lena were trapped inside the computer by an evil hacker! Now, they need to find a way to end the hacker's party and escape!

Play 19 exits and 5 fun challenging worlds, including:
> Two different characters to play;
> Diversity of themes between the worlds;
> Special world;
> References to other games and internal jokes from Zap Antonio's stream page;
> Defeat seven different bosses;
> Songs composed by several SMWC artists.

The hack is available in two languages, choose the one you prefer and have fun!
Tags: asm autosave camera characters chocolate custom bosses custom music donkey kong country graphics hdma
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Comments (9)

TokZone Link
pretty great #tb{:DD}
SomeGuy712x Link
Found an immediate issue when I tried to play this co-op with another player. I selected 2 player game on the title screen, played out my turn on the first level, and then when it was supposedly my partner's turn, he couldn't move his cursor on the map or enter a level. The only thing he could do was activate the life-sharing screen with L or R. I then tried moving on my end, and yeah, I'm controlling player 2's cursor on the map and I also have control of him in a level. So, 2-player mode is bugged somehow, which is unfortunate for us.
LucasMegaStriker Author Link
Originally posted by CariocaHacker
achei muito bom pórem mesmo sendo bem bonito é um pouco curto dá pra zerar em um dia e não é tão dificil #smw{:TUP:}

A hack foi trabalhada durante 1 mês, é evidente que seja curta. Eu prefiro criar hacks curtas, pois é mais fácil manter o controle de qualidade. Obrigado por jogar, e não esqueça de avaliar.
CariocaHacker Link
achei muito bom pórem mesmo sendo bem bonito é um pouco curto dá pra zerar em um dia e não é tão dificil #smw{:TUP:}
Zavok Link
Great job!
 1UPdudes Link
This hack is vibrant and full of unique level themes and ideas.
It's pretty easy for anyone who enjoys SMW to find something they'll like with this hack.

I quite liked the visuals found within the hacks later worlds with the bright neon colours.

But yes overall a simple and sweet hack that is worth a play. #smrpg{y}
LucasMegaStriker Author Link
UPDATE 20/05: Seems like i forgot to insert few patches on both versions. Updated with the newer patches.
LucasMegaStriker Author Link
Originally posted by kahsunade
Top demaaaaaaaaais
Nao esqueça de dar a notinha! :D
kahsunade Link
Top demaaaaaaaaais