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Super Moo World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Moo World

Submission Details

Name: Super Moo World
Author: Jenboo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Super Moo World is a beginner kaizo romhack for every player to enjoy.

In this game you will see that there are multiple ways to play:

*For beginners, there is a Helper Block Switch in the tutorial located in the Moo Barn to make the game easier. (Disclaimer: You will not be able to go to Special World with Helper Blocks activated.)

*For Any%, you will get to choose your path as you make your way through the worlds.

*For 100%, both paths will be completed and you get to discover a very Special World. Special World is comprised of three levels with custom physics in which the levels are designed around.

*For the more advanced player, you have the extra challenge of collecting moons from 12 levels (except switch palaces and credits). These 12 moons are placed with strategic difficulty in mind.

This hack features:
- 5 Worlds to explore
- 16 Thematic levels with instant retry (includes credits, excludes switch palaces)
- Custom Music to put you in the mood

Super Moo World Trailer:
Tags: asm music vanilla
Comments: 33 (jump to comments)
4.8 (18 ratings)
No rating
Download 572.23 KiB | 5,183 downloads


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Comments (33)

Nutellaman Link
it's a pretty good#smw{:TUP:}#smrpg{y}
yoNibby Link
This was my first kaizo today and I had a great time playing it. Definitely recommend it for any other first timers.
NixKillsMyths Link
This was my 4th hack, started it and finished it 100% today. I thought it was a lot of fun, especially the special world levels. Short and sweet, not too challenging, but very enjoyable. I really liked the custom level and overworld music.
SeeFooBoo Link
Fun hack that I felt was a mixture of Standard Hard and Kaizo Beginner. There's 1 section in particular that took quite a while to get through. Otherwise, beginner friendly. Would recommend to a person trying to start their Kaizo adventure.
bucketofwetsocks Link
i really enjoyed this hack. great for beginners.
BoomBeatle3 Link
amazing game with great accessibility due to the helper block feature, multiple paths and extra challenges! great job! :)
Endy_Endy Link
My first romhack <3 Couldn't put it down till I hit 100%, I absolutely loved it.
Codephoenix Link
This was my first romhack I beaten any% on after giving up on "Learn 2 Kaizo" after they were trying to get me to do a glitch I wasn't a fan of. I really enjoyed my experience of this hack, only complaints I had was the
boo section in the final level
I felt like I had to brute force on, and
that doing the tutorial denies you access of the special world
, and I didn't know it was going to do that.
hcwdy Link
Super cute hack! Loved the aesthetics, the whole game was gorgeous.
KekShadow_08 Link
So I Suck At Kaizo, but this hack was fantastic for me, as im a beginner. This hack taught me so much about the certain techniques and how to do certain things. This Hack is fantastic for beginners and as a refreshment for experts. I totally recommend this hack! #smrpg{y}
NinjaLifestyle Link
Great game!
LM_Ural Link
This was a very enjoyable hack! My favorite part were all the secret areas.
MarvMallow77 Link
Very nice beginner hack, I love it!!
MorrieTheMagpie Link
I would recommend this hack to anyone looking to get into hacks. Quick, fast paced, and easy to read levels. Great stuff! <3
AJL71 Link
I am really new to kaizo and seen this hack, it looked really accessible. Trying it out and it is an excellent introduction if you haven't played a kaizo hack before.

Highly recommend if you are very new to kaizo SMW hacks.
IceFlameKilla Link
This is a fantastic beginner hack and is very well designed. The Special World was my favorite part of the hack. Very fun!!
mariusreturns Link
Super charming, pretty easy. A great first hack to play. Only one level (Forbidden Forest) gave me any real trouble. Cleared that one in an hour or so (approximately). I played with the helper blocks on. Will definitely go back and beat it the hard way later.
Fryinb Link
Had lots of fun with this, a great beginner hack!
KelticLordofMice Link
I haven't played many hacks, but I really like this one.
It's very fun, visually appealing, and overall well made!
Would definitely recommend to anyone of any skill level.
KatMakes Link
One of my favorite beginner hacks. Jenboo put so much care into this hack and it shows. It's great to see chocolate in a game aimed at this skill level.

It's also a great speedrun (hint hint)
pealaf Link
Made an account to say: great hack! As someone trying to get into harder smw hacks, I really enjoyed this. A lot of gentle introductions into some "hard" tricks. I had a lot of fun.
Bear Vs Brian Link
Had a lot of fun playing this, a nice warm up into the world of kaizo. Super fun, super cute!
You can watch me play it terribly here
hapsell92 Link
Very short and nice hack to enjoy. Great leveldesign and music. My first hack I have beaten 100%, haha. Thanks for this!
kktrap Link
first rom hack i’ve completed and i really enjoyed it. special world was a good challenge. i got a lot better at shell jumps.
VolleytheBall Link
this is my second completed kaizo hack after robfather world. I thought it was fun. Thank you
Jurassic_Yoshi Link
so. the blue p switch palace was my first double shell jump ever. and the message box made me happy. idunno who Pup is but that made my night
bsolt Link
Really fun :) great job!
callmedoor Link
Great hack. Really enjoyed the difficulty curve and the little extra secrets hidden around the different areas in the hack.

Some of them were well hidden, but accessible. I really enjoyed this one and I beat it in one sitting which is always welcome.

If you're a beginner there's plenty here to love in terms of aesthetics as well as some tricks and practice. (Insert double shell jumps here).
Ilucuthen Link
Cool hack. I partly agree with the jank or unclear comment - spent much longer trying to get through the disappearing boo cloud than on pretty much any other part of the hack (including the star world), and I'm not even sure if I did it the correct way at the end.
PMiller Link
Excellent hack that's accessible by all.
mathas33 Link
Excellent beginner hack. Fun and easy to navigate. I have to disagree with the jank or unclear comment. There is no jank or unclear sections. Just gotta git gud.
John37fold Link
Felt that Forbidden Forest is either janky, or the real route isnt clearly labeled. love the hack up to this level.
DanOfMostTrades Link
I may be biased because I helped test, but this hack has ingenuity when it comes to difficulty curves and level design! Also, the themes are very cute and make great use of the graphic/music resources on smwcentral.