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Details for Koopas + Shells + Disco Shell
Waiting SMW Sprites - Koopas + Shells + Disco Shell Show random
File Name: Koopas + Shells + Disco Shell
Submitted: by  KevinM
Claimed: by  MarioFanGamer
Authors: KevinM
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a disassembly (+ some added features) of sprites 4-7, the normal Koopas, and DA-DF, the Shells (normal and Disco variant). It includes a lot of options that can be set either with the extra bytes or with the defines (check out the asm files for more info).
It's included a json file for each Koopa color that will set up a list of sprites in LM's menu with all the main variants (Koopa, stationary Shell with or without a Koopa inside, kicked Shell, Disco Shell).
Tags: carryable, enemy, koopa, lorom, sa-1, shell
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 2)
Download: Download - 22.49 KiB
Can you make that when you jump on a koopa and kills the koopa,not the shell,the koopa does not respawn?And...Please make parakoopas that haves this feature I want.
Posted by: Thiago678 - | Link
Absolute chad submission
Posted by: Medic - | Link
Sping bot
Where's the disco shell that throws hammers?
Posted by: Sping bot - | Link
Originally posted by codfish1002
Does this in include para koopas?
Parakoopas are sprites 8-C, so...
Posted by:  KevinM - | Link
Does this in include para koopas?
Posted by: codfish1002 - | Link
Posted by: Sonck - | Link
OOOH MA GOOD :O now i can have both smb3 like koopas and normal ones thank you #smrpg{y}
Posted by: codfish1002 - | Link
Posted by: dogemaster - | Link
If the sprite can produce functionality identical to the original, it's enough to classify as a disassembly to me.
Posted by:  Thomas - | Link
Originally posted by AnasMario130
If this is a disassembly, why not mark it as such?

Because I modified parts of the original code / added stuff to it, I'll leave it to the moderator to decide if to mark it as such.
Posted by:  KevinM - | Link
If this is a disassembly, why not mark it as such?
Posted by: AnasMario130 - | Link