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Mario Left the Garage Door Open Again

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario Left the Garage Door Open Again

Submission Details

Name: Mario Left the Garage Door Open Again
Author: Lizstar
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: STORY

Eleven years ago, Mario left his garage door up. This has made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded to be a bad move. How, eleven years later, his sins repeat, and he finds he must once again travel home to right his wrongs.


Mario left the Garage Door Open Again is a chocolate-lite Kaizo Light hack, with easy to medium difficulty, starting easier and curving upwards to medium towards the end. As I am not a Kaizo player, or even really a big SMW fan, the hack's design has been described as rather odd by the play testers, so expect to go "what" a lot. There are also no trolls and traps. Trolling is boring. Mischief is the new meta.


Okay, you don't have to shout.

In the early 2000s I was a member of the Acmlm's Board community, going by Samus Aran or Marzen. I never made anything important, certainly nothing you'd care about (most of what I did was make two levels and give up in SMB3 or something), but it was a place for me to hang out and share in a fun hobby with friends. In the late 2000s I grew out of it, but that was right when SMW hacking started picking up. So I really hunkered down and tried my hand at making a romhack.

In 2009, I did that. Mario Left The Garage Door Up, a "one and a half world" long romhack. It's honestly god awful, lots of cookie cutter design, and it literally only runs in ZSNES, cause that's what we had back then. I show it off sometimes to friends, but that's it. I never really tried to make anything else, because I'm not even a big fan of SMW. I'm a Sonic kid (as you can tell by my musical choices in this hack).

So, fast forward eleven years. I become good friends with some members of the Kaizo community. At the time I wasn't a fan of Kaizo, I thought the whole point was to be rude and make bad level design, and it made no sense to me. But my friends help me see the creativity and fun that can be had through it, so I start crafting the dumb idea of reviving my "series". Three months and a lot of work and help from those friends later, I have the sequel to my hack you've never played or heard of (It wouldn't be accepted to this site even if I submitted it).

As I had never played a Kaizo game before this (I've since played Quickie World 2, it's good), the design is apparently very very odd, like if we were in a bizarro world and the meta of modern Kaizo hacks were just slightly different.

Thanks for reading this unnecessary backstory, hopefully you found it mildly entertaining. Enjoy the hack!


Special thanks to Amethyst_Rocks, shovda, UndeadBlackBird, and iIIustrious for helping playtest this hack and make it not god awful bad. Credits are in the actual game for everyone who did everything. Shout outs to shout outs.



Fixed an issue where you can't go left on the map. Dunno how THAT got through, but rest assured, the game is actually beatable now.

Minor bug fixes and palette changes and mustache fluffing


D4 showed me a fun thing they made so I added a text box you don't have to hit to V-Hold. This is worth updating the file on this site.
Tags: asm music story traditional
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
3.8 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (6)

Superkriko Link
I don't know man, at the begining was pretty fun, but then started to get a little bit annoying.
Ilucuthen Link
Felt like there was some imbalance in difficulty, but it was a really fun experience overall and I enjoyed this immensely. Lots of creative bits.
Link Timeline Link
I finally finished. Very satisfied with the game. level by level here:

The_Uber_Camper Link
Has some interesting levels, also has some borderline un-fun ones. Ninji Skytree is an interesting idea in theory, however it is jank because the ninji can jump and kill itself despite you being significantly ahead of it. Also softlocks.
Link Timeline Link
Hack very well built. Congratulations
LuhLSG Link
Amazing, o liked everything ;)