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Take It Easy World

Super Mario World Hacks → Take It Easy World

Submission Details

Name: Take It Easy World
Author: frx
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is a chill kaizo hack with 13+4 levels, fast retry, fast overworld, custom music, free stuff, and more.

-Removed cheese

-Improvements to many of the levels
See changelog.txt

For SNES Classic/Mini users:
The first boss causes the SNES Classic to crash. This boss can now be bypassed in version 1.2. Play at your own risk!
Tags: music
Comments: 37 (jump to comments)
4.9 (16 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (37)

MellowYouth Link
aside from the any% boss, and dying more times than id like to mention trying to get in the door, i had a great time with this hack!
lots of creative setups and everything was manageable with a little patience #smw{:TUP:}
Kaiz0bro Link
Really fun hack, a lot of tight setups. The difficulty is like lower intermediate/advanced beginner, in my opinion. The final boss, I felt, was kinda janky and luck based at times but I got it eventually. The special world levels were a lot of fun. Favourite levels were Afterglow and Nightcore. Definitely recommend this for beginners but maybe after a bunch of easier hacks under your belt first.
Kaizo breaker Link
great kaizo hack not to hard not to easy is so good
riobaldo Link
A really good hack, congratulations to frx!

To be honest, this one kicked my butt in some moments (the moles level, the chasing boo level), but at the same time never stopped being a fun experience. As some have already put it, this hack is a nice one to tackle after Quickie World, having in mind it will be fun but not an easy walk at all.
fugalfervor Link
@Kimota, THAT explains why I wasn't able to get that setup to work correctly. I ended up just waiting... if one does as you describe, the wrecking boo will eventually get there, but it takes about 30 seconds. I agree that that could have been improved.

This is a really fun hack, and definitely a step up in difficulty from Baby Kaizo World, Quickie 1 and 2, and maybe about the same as Gracie World. A good late-beginner, early-intermediate hack.

Some setups were janky (the fast moles), but I almost don't want to mention it because the game as a whole was very fun.
protopizza Link
This is a great hack. It's got great flow and a great soundtrack (title screen song especially is a JAM).

The hack is a little reminiscent of Akogare in its sense of polish, but on the easier side, so it's a good stepping stone for someone who's completed the basics (L2K, Quickie 1/2, etc.).

I've uploaded a video showing just a clean, no-commentary clear for each exit here.
Steamed_Hams Link
Came to this hack after a Juzcook video recommendation, and honestly I could not put this hack down. It's only the second hack I've completed so still a bit green, but I thought the flow was fantastic and totally beginner friendly whilst still being challenging, and the difficulty felt nice and gradual. Personal highlights for me was the 'wrecking boo' asm, fuck me, that feeling of being chased while executing all these really precise jumps was fantastic. Would recommend to everyone.
ClassicPass Link
GREAT HACK. Capitalized. And FRX: Don't you DARE apologize for the Final Boss!! Period.
There is NO JANK
it's 100% deterministic, and you can first try it every time after...wait for it... Some good ol' fashioned practice. Sure, it's frustrating your first time. But, I think that frustration can be boiled down to "It's just a Reznor/Bui boss, if I can't beat it in the first five minutes, it HAS to be the creator's fault, not mine". Favorite level: tie: Toblerone and Wrecking Boo. Toblerone for the great platforming, forced slow-fall jumps, and interesting momentum shifts, and Wrecking Boo for being a fun tight platformer with the added 'race' dynamic. Close second place would be Chump Forest: some really unique setups there and the last jump's RNG really puts you on your toes (RNG != Jank, I've never seen a Koopa pattern that COULDN'T be successful with correct usage). Thanks a TON my guy. I've got well over 100 runs into it now, and I'm still coming up with new approaches and strats. It is still fun. PLEASE MAKE TIE2.
viniciuskombat Link
Man i Really loved this kaizo, 5/5 #smw{:peace:}
om_nomnom Link
Started this hack last night after recently completing GPW2. I'm 5 exits in, so far I'm really enjoying the flow and style of this hack. It's a breath of fresh air to be playing a more chill hack after the GPW2 grind. Hope to see more in the future!
Kimota Link
I had a blast. This was excellent in nearly all regards: 5/5. I have only two minor complaints. One is Reznor, which you seem to know about already. The second one is this...

At some point in the Wrecking Boo level, you stand on top of a coin block you hit earlier and above that coin block is a yellow turn block. The fastest way to get on top of the coin block is to hold jump and *run off* the ? platform right before it. This breaks the setup because the ? doesn't disappear when you run off it and the boo eventually bounces off it. But it's hard for the player to realize they're breaking the setup by doing it this fast way (I spent 20+ minutes wondering why the boo didn't do what it was supposed to). It would be better if something forced the player to jump rather than run off that question block. Again, I don't think this is a big deal, just something you might want to update if you're doing a v1.3.

MurdockOveur Link
I really love this hack and I think everybody should play it. Thanks for making it
12AngryBirds Link
This was really enjoyable. Would recommend to all kaizo players.
Panther-T Link
Each level feels super unique, and this is a great step up from beginner Kaizo hacks without being ridiculous. 5/5.
zLukaasPvPz Link
Love this hack kaizo
Mithrillionaire Link
Loved this hack. It's fast-paced and fun, with clever, original setups and obstacles. Most of the game is very intuitive, with great flow. My only complaint is the any% boss, which felt really awkward and janky. I feel like this hack would be a great bridge for players looking to move from easier hacks like Quickie World to intermediate ones like Akogare. Highly recommended, hope to see more from FRX in the future.
cardboardcell Link
One of the best easy hacks I've played. Doesn't fall into the easier hack "stickiness" (no flow to obstacles, just one after another with no cohesion). The flow will definitely help a beginner get tuned up for intermediate and advanced hacks. Excellent hack, great work.
Thiago678 Link
i love kaizo
YouFailMe Link
I created an account so I could say how much I enjoyed this hack. I liked all the 1.2 changes, specifically the fixes/changes in Wrecking Boo, Toblerone, and Afterglow. Excited to see what you come up with next.
thetwaddler From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Really enjoyed playing through this. My only complaint was the Reznor fight felt a little janky at times when I would clip through the platforms from underneath. Other than that it was awesome.
ClassicPass From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Originally posted by ajdoinwork
I love this hack so far. In the first castle after you make it to the pipe as soon as i drop low enough to see the lotus my game crashes.

Yo AJ, me too!!! I've reset my game, restarted my SNES classic.
Nothing I do can get me past this.
Anyone else having this issue?
Neuromancer From older version: Take It Easy World Link
I really enjoyed playing this. There's lots of very fun and fresh ideas. Great soundtrack as well. Thank you for making it!
TrendzAndz From older version: Take It Easy World Link
This hack was a lot of fun to play as it was fair and had plenty of interesting obstacles. I liked the
atmosphere you built up in the
water level, which was great as well.

But the Reznor fight is ridiculous.
You can go through the bottom of their platforms, which means death and there are blind drops through their path and fireballs
crispy_plays From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Loved this hack for as far as I got, but yeah when you get the CP in Castle 1, the SNES Mini crashes and then I have to start over form level 1. Appart from my hate for water levels, the levels are realy good. Keep up the good work dude!
The_Uber_Camper From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Exceptionally good hack! I have only 2 complaints:

1: Very few (were there any?) trolls, these to me are an integral part of kaizo.

2: The final boss was very janky, not a great way to end such a stellar hack.

Those are 2 minor complaints though, easily one of the best hacks I've played even with those gripes. Keep up the good work!
ajdoinwork From older version: Take It Easy World Link
I love this hack so far. In the first castle after you make it to the pipe as soon as i drop low enough to see the lotus my game crashes. Ive tried it a few times and i cant get it spawn without crashing. 5/5 so far for me. I dont know if anyone else has had this problem as i havent seen this happen before.
Arisendead From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Just amazing had a blast with this entire playthrough. Highly reccomend to anyone looking for a fun hack. On the intermediate side i would say and star world is rather rough in parts but just amazing! Contact me if you want my notes on this playthrough with the issues i found and possible fixes. Arisen
frx Author From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Thank you so much for all the feedback! It means a lot to me. Watching people play this has been a great learning experience too. There are definitely some issues that I couldn't see myself. This will help me improve.
I'm very happy that people are having fun with this. I didn't expect it.
Deakula From older version: Take It Easy World Link
This hack has my vote for best kaizo game of 2020. It's been awhile since a kaizo game made me feel this good about it. Everything is designed so elegantly, all the ideas are fresh, and even when this hack is building off of a trope, it still delivers its own unique twist.

Absolutely beautiful, fun, and attention-holding hack. 5/5

P.S. Please make more. We need this in our lives.

P.P.S. Get in contact with somebody at Romhack Races if you'd be interested in designing kaizo race levels. We'd love to have you!

<3 <3 <3
Gobi From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Loved this hack! First one on here to be just difficult enough for me to love if but not quite too difficult!
I also seemed to have some issue with Chump Forest with the chuck underneath the cloud platforms, but I also might just not be super familiar with chucks.
Either Way, great hack at least 4/5 if not 5/5
StacheAttack From older version: Take It Easy World Link
This was super fun! I felt like it was the right amount of difficulty throughout, made the player think a bit during some spots, and the overall difficulty level was fairly consistent.

Thank you FRX!
callmedoor From older version: Take It Easy World Link
I give this hack 5 full stars. This is a great little hack.

There was only one setup that was confusing in the Chump Forest and I suspect it might be just due to my inexperience with manipulating Chuck movement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the endgame of this hack the last five levels were some of the most fun levels I have played recently.

Some of the setups and tricks were really clever. Thanks for making this.
MrBread From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Very good hack! Enjoyed it a lot.
Except the reznor fight #smrpg{:D}
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Take It Easy World Link
Really awesome hack with a ton of creativity! Would recommend for anyone who plays kaizo.
gianos93 From older version: Take It Easy World Link
This hack is awesome! If you are experienced you can play it blind without getting stuck too much. Levels are all fun and have fitting music in them.
Tiroler From older version: Take It Easy World Link
This hack was excellent. The difficulty scale was very pleasant. It was clearly extensively tested because the set-ups were intuitive, consistent and fun. One of the best hacks I've played in a while. Great work!
- Tirolean
Letsmangle From older version: Take It Easy World Link
FYI for SNES Classic Users, only able to complete 6 exits. As soon as you enter pipe to go to second half of forgotten fortress the game crashes. Was fun until that. Probably will continue on emulator.