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Slask's Adventure

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Slask's Adventure

Submission Details

Name: Slask's Adventure
Author: liuzijun
Difficulty: Kaizo
Demo: No
Length: 152 star(s)
Description: sorry for submit z64 last I've changed that.
Also the 'Demo' is removed! most bugs are fixed!

The first Chinese Hack Slask's Adventure Release!

This is the first completed hack from China.It's coauthored by two chinese
,Slask and Liuzijun(me).It's a very huge hack with over 150 stars.Like Treasure World,some levels in the first part is relatively easy but when you come to the last part you will feel that perhaps this is the hardest
game in the world.Many levels in this hack are Chinese style and even if
you can't conquer these difficult level,you can enjoy the beautiful view.
Also I advise you to play it with savestates.Before 2021 I'll also release a easy version of this hack because I want this hack to be played by more
peolpe.I have confidence that this hack will have at least a tiny fame in
rom-hacking history and it will be one of the hardest hacks in the world.

Thanks a lot for all the useful information and all the kind people help me during the making process of this hack.

thanks a lot for all the kind people helping me make this hack!
Video Link: Link
Download 6.60 MiB | 3,507 downloads


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