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Details for Same Sprites, Different Levels
Super Mario World Hacks - Same Sprites, Different Levels Show random
File Name: Same Sprites, Different Levels
Version History: View
Authors: eltiolavara9
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 92 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: "hmm what if i removed everything in a level except for the sprites and made the level around them" is what I asked myself one day, before deciding to do a whole hack about that for some reason.
-The name is pretty self-explanatory: Levels built around the sprites already in them.
-There have been some minor-ish changes to spice things up, also, and the star world & special world levels are completely original.
-This hack's aimed at people that are new to SMW hacks or haven't played any, so it starts out pretty simple, but ramps up, with the post-game being much harder.
Enjoy! I guess! idk!
-also this took like a year and a few months to make i dont have anything else to write here go get it go go go
-oh yea also this hack features no custom stuff like new sprites, blocks or exgfx (some sprite gfx are changed though)

(NOTE: screenshots may be a tad outdated)

------------PATCH NOTES-------------
v2.0: GOD DAMN

-SLOWDOWN IS GONE :crab: :crab: :crab:
-more than half of the levels in the game have changes ranging from really minor to complete overhauls, difficulty for the postgame and star world levels is less ridiculous overall and star road megamix is now a completely different level (lots of overall polish and stuff too)
-all the janky stuff and bugs have been smoothed out


-fixed misc cutoff issues, made bricks and gravitron easier, made a postgame level less precise and made the p switch blocks in crystal caves more obvious


-a TON of polish and smoothing out the difficulty curve, full changelog in the zip file if you have a few spare days to read through it

-squashed bugs & fixed some annoying stuff & the last bit of polish
[MOD EDIT] Changed exit count to 90 exits since those are the ones that you can obtain.

v3.2: minor tweaks & pallete changes
update: more minor tweaks and adding dragon coins to levels that had too little/many -- update 2: minor aesthetic tweaks & more dragon coin stuff

v4.0: a massive amount of aesthetic changes, like just a fuckton seriously (and also level transitions why not) and generally stuff like smoothing out the difficulty a bit more and making switch palaces more useful, and making the first world or so just a tiiiiiiiiny bit less than original SMW!

(please let me know if anything's broken)
Tags: aesthetic, gimmick, music, special world, star road, traditional, vanilla-ish, variety
Rating: 4.8 (Votes: 4)
Download: Download - 882.38 KiB
thank you all! i don't think i'll update it again unless there's a major glitch, though
Posted by: eltiolavara9 - | Link
Looks great visually and gameplay! nice rom hack!
Posted by: Stevenson54 - | Link
I played the older version of this hack and i beated it again, very good smw hack for me, good remake levels, the hardest level to me was the last level of the Special World ''Not Really Kaizo'' That i used some savestates to complete it. Im just positive, i like every SMW hack if the hack have more than 50 exits and Playabale levels so i gave to SSDL 5 Stars#lm{owexstar}

Sorry for my bad english ;)
Posted by: RobertoGS - | Link
Ashley Alexander
Originally posted by eltiolavara9

Any time, to be honest I never really found anything wrong with the Hack for some reason when I played the full thing. Don’t really know exactly why that is but all I can say is that it’s a really great Hack and I really enjoyed playing it. Great job. #tb{:)}#ab{:)}.
Posted by: Ashley Alexander - | Link
Posted by: eltiolavara9 - | Link
Ashley Alexander
I really liked playing this game, also really liked the Mini Game theme tune on the bonus game from Kirby’s Dream Land 3. Hope to re-download it when it’s fully updated and finished and re-submitted. #tb{:DD}#tb{:D}#ab{:D}#ab{:LOL:}.
Posted by: Ashley Alexander - | Link
thank you a lot! (these two ""softlocks"" are intentional, though, on the skull level the point is to follow the platform and the player is meant to be careful with the P-switch in that part)
Posted by: eltiolavara9 - | Link
Just beat this in one sit last night, I liked it a lot.
There's a saying that limitations often leads to creativity and this hack is the very proof that this is true.
You were very creative with the original smw sprite placements and also smw's vanilla limitations.
This hack also has a very "abstract" theme to it that makes for some entertaining worlds later on.
The only feedback I can provide is that there's two softlocks where the player can get traped and forced to kill himself, the first one is in a skull platform fire cave themed level, where it's possible to make the skull platform go offscreen and don't respawn in one section.
The other is on the ghost house on world 7, in the room with the secret exit, if you don't use the pswitch correctly you get locked there.
I think puting a reset door can fix both of them.
Great hack
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link