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Super Mario World Hacks → EY JUICE

Submission Details

Author: goosedajuice
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 29 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: A hack on the easier side of the kaizo scale. This hack is mostly vanilla, but it has a small amount of custom sprites.

The levels have fun platforming and different themes for you to enjoy.
Tags: music
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.7 (10 ratings)
No rating
Download 517.23 KiB | 1,500 downloads


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Comments (14)

SACHi_ Link
Very good hack, I had a lot of fun with this ! It helped me a lot during my Kaizo learning journey and for that reason , I really believe this hack deserves the Kaizo: Beginner tag , because I was able to beat this before other beginner hack and it gave me the confidence to play more kaizo. Great hack, very fun !#smw{:peace:}
ShakesBear Link
Loved the hack. This is my first 100% kaizo clear and with how difficult some of the levels flow, it feels good to have beaten it.
The difficulty spikes nice and high at times in the middle and makes you feel amazing to clear. Great music the whole ride. The last few levels the challenge drops off and suddenly all exits are cleared and I almost felt lost after fully beating my first Kaizo. Despite that Storm the Gate and the finale were smooth and fun as hell to play.

Long story short, Ey Juice felt good to play and I recommend it

Thanks for the fantastic experience Goose!
callmedoor Link
Really cool little hack. The difficulty isn't that high and I would recommend this to someone starting out who has played a few hacks previously (only because some of the regrabbing).

I enjoyed the playthrough that I had and I think that it is a solid hack with a lot of varied tricks and exits for a beginner to experiment with.
ScatmanJones49 Link
This hack doesn’t take itself super seriously which is kind of refreshing when it comes to the kaizo genre, I enjoyed my play through of this game it was quick and not stressful at all

The asm you used on the bosses was very entertaining, keep up the good work goose, noticed you just dropped a new hack probably have to check it out
bsolt Link
I was not sure what to expect with this hack... AND I really enjoyed my playthrough. You created kaizo obstacles in some pretty unique ways and had a very nice difficulty curve. Some parts of it felt rough, but not many parts and nothing that was frustrating.

Great job! Please keep rom hacking! #smrpg{y}
Superkriko Link
What a cute and harmless hack ❤️ I loveeed it! This is one of those hacks that i'll definitely play it again #smw{:TUP:}
3dsalmon Link
Really fun beginner hack! Cool levels with some fun themes, great music. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to get into kaizo looking for something to start with.
ulla_la Link
Really neat hack! Thank you so much for a very rewarding experience. The first trick of the game gave me a little scare of what might come in terms of difficulty, but it had a nice mellow style. the curve was nice and the little more difficult tricks were sprinkeled throuout, readable, and gave a chance to scope out the situation. Very nice :)
Deffenetly would recommend to beginners who want to work on their basics!
Kimota Link
Good stuff. Very nice music choices and cool overworld. My minor critique is that the very first levels aren't quite up to the high quality level of everything that comes after. The other thing I will say, and this is maybe just my taste, but I hate detailed and/or cluttered backgrounds (thankfully it's only a few levels here). They make it hard to visually isolate the important elements for Kaizo tricks. Still, this is a very fun hack that I would recommend to people who beat the tutorial hacks and are getting started on proper Kaizo.
NikSik1 Link
The best hack that I have played in a long time. Very nice job.
TheRestingBird Link
Sweet hack. Music is on point. Would recommend beginners to try this #tb{:)} Thanks goosedajuice #w{<3}
obersteiner86 Link
ther is many cheese in some of the lvl's you can skip some sections. But i kinda love this hack so far.
1:of the lvl's with cheese in it is the one with the saw and the key jump are litle bit to the right to spawn are browser statue flame that gos to the right.
Fink Link
I appreciate the effort that went into this hack. While some levels aesthetics could use a litlle "less black", I generally admired the visuals. Overworld has a lot of nice details as well, and the soundtrack is a BANGER throughout! Setups are intuitive to figure out, couldn't find anything incosistent or jank, and the secrets are not overly convoluted - you can find them easily when looking closely, while not being too on-the-nose. Full playthrough took me around 3.5 hours (100%), definitely beginner friendly material here, especially with the palaces unlocked/beaten some levels get way easier.

Overall I would definitely recommend others to play this hack, beginners can have a good enjoyable introduction here with a fair challenge, and more experienced players can have a nice relaxed and still absolutely fun time with it, too, and have always the option to not beat the palaces right away and play some levels the harder way.
Funkymario Link
Looks very interesting :) screen 5 made me want to play it.. I'm a beginner so we will see if i can pass your levels.. (probably with the help of savestates).. i will let you know when i tried it! 😊