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Details for Unnamed hack about collectin' coins
Super Mario World Hacks - Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Show random
File Name: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins
Version History: View
Authors: JP32
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: In this hack your objective is to collect 99 coins in each level and there are some optional objectives. Each level has its own gimmick, such as automatically walking forward, everything being frozen and Mario having infinite fire-flower but limited ammo, a literal metroidvania level, medium auto-scroller with infinite winged Yoshi and an Warioware rip-off.

Version F2.0 change-log:
-Fixed missing Dragon coin in level "Automatic"
-Fixes on some levels where Dragon coin can disappear if you collect coin above/below and reload the room via pipe/door
Thanks to NatsuFireball for reporting these two bugs
Tags: gimmicks, tradiotional
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 1)
Download: Download - 375.16 KiB
Reason why theres game over is because the health is identical to the originals lives system, but you wont get booted out of the level when you lose live/die, I haven't found a way to skip the game over screen without fucking up the health system or something else.

The metroidvaia level is laggy because if I change the sprite header settings anything else than they are right now, the springs disappears to their original location if you move too far away from them, which fucks up some puzzles. thats the reason also why there are so little sprites in it in the first place. Though there are workarounds to this, I just never got around implementing them.

Start+select is disabled because the counterbreak patch doesn't reset the coin counter so you can start another level with additional coins.. its not hard to fix but I just forgot about it lol.

I have no idea why the credits level does that, theres nothing different about it compared to other levels and the settings in the indicators patch for that level is identical to other levels.. Just some odd bug with the patch, I think .
Posted by: JP32 - | Link
Posted by: Y_Floky - | Link
What a refreshing hack ! I love the new gameplay and the idea of collecting 100 coins for finishing the level.
Each level's gimmick is unique and very inventive, some levels will take you a lot of thinking and time to 100% =]

Graphics are really pleasant, with wonderful palettes used.
This hack is the perfect dream for completionists : the overworld's HUD indicates each level's completion status of :
-coins (whether or not you found 100 and thus finished the level)
-Dragon Coins
-moon, all saved in SRAM with auto-save.

I just have some remarks to do :

- The game uses life gauge instead of classical power up system, which is great. But, when you lose a life, you directly game over, so have to go through the whole game over sequence and continue/quit prompt, which is a bit annoying. I think this could just be removed, as the game auto-saves and you have infinite lives ?
- The Castlevania level suffers huge lagging, maybe due to the progressing screen system ?
- You cannot exit a level with start+select once you completed it, forcing you to die or to collect all coins again, a bit annoying too.
- In the credits level, the moon's completion's status does not systematically save. I had to collect the moon and complete the level 3 times in a row to finally see the moon lit up in the overworld's HUD. In that level too the troll muncher is funny, but why has it to make the game freeze ?

Overall this is a very great hack, inventive and beautiful, I took great pleasure playing it. I hope there will be a sequel soon =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you JP32 and all the people listed in the very inventive Credits level for these amazing ASM hacks =]

Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
Hack muito boa gostei muito dessa proposta.
Posted by: jhonny - | Link