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Song Title


    Streets of Rage 2 - Spin on the Bridge

    SMW Music → Streets of Rage 2 - Spin on the Bridge

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    Submission Details

    Name: Streets of Rage 2 - Spin on the Bridge
    Author: crm0622
    Insert Size: 0x1082 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Port
    Duration: 2:03
    Featured: No
    Description: A trippy, but tense music from "Streets of Rage 2" which plays in Stage 2.
    May fit for tense situations etc... (especially for night theme!)

    (Note : INCOMPATIBLE with "P-Switch", "Bonus End", "Yoshi" and "Thunder/Blargg"!)
    Preview: Play SPC
    Tags: abstract athletic chase night tense urban
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    5.0 (1 rating)
    No rating
    Download 102.45 KiB | 175 downloads

    Comments (1)

    Tamaki Link
    This is super good! There are a few places where you could have saved more bytes had you used Super Loops (they're almost the same as normal loops, except you double the amount of brackets like this: [[]] ), since they allow you to include Label Loops inside, but it's nothing major.

    Great job!