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Snoman's Land

Super Mario World Hacks → Snoman's Land

Submission Details

Name: Snoman's Land
Author: snomangaming
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Designed as a kaizo "starter pack", similar to Quickie World or Baby Kaizo World, though perhaps a little harder. Each stage is meant to either teach a mechanic or explore the various SMW themes (Forest, Underground, Ghost, etc.)

Includes a few secret exits and switch palaces to unlock the final challenge in the Special World. Has Retry and Remove HUD patches. Enjoy!

1.2 updates:
-New final boss!
-Added 'challenge' Dino coins to each level
-Removed secret pipe in final stage, no shortcuts!
-Extensive level design changes to improve flow and fun factor
-Overall aesthetic improvements and errors
Tags: beginner kaizo music
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
4.3 (3 ratings)
No rating
Download 180.67 KiB | 1,621 downloads


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Comments (13)

TheHandsomeMan Link
I found out about this game from the Snoman Gaming channel. It has a bunch of cool ideas, and they aren't janky. The music is nice as well (:
Minish Yoshi Link
This was a decent kaizo hack, but it wasn't very memorable and many of the setups were rather uninteresting. There are a few pacing and theming issues, but a sizable amount of this hack is solid. While it unfortunately blends in with a number of other kaizo hacks, this one was alright and managed to provide an enjoyable experience (for the most part).
D3nisyt Link
snoman for life #lm{pal}#lm{pal} #smw{:TUP:}
Earthling Link
the overworld looks like a beta version of yump 1 but other than that, not too bad
om_nomnom Link
Loving the hack so far. The only frustrating bit I've come across is the intense lag in Disco-tech, which is doubly frustrating because it seems to be caused by an abundance of disco shells near the ceiling, whose only purpose is for aesthetics.
fezfan Link
Great hack for a first hack! Clearly made with care as well. :)
ThirdWall Link
This update is much improved from 1.0. There are some pacing issues here and there, but nice work for your first hack. Definitely keep making levels and seek play-testers. Good work!
KazakhGuy From older version: Snoman's Land Link
Dekudo From older version: Snoman's Land Link
At times its hard to believe that any playtesting went into this hack. In almost every level there are parts that just feel poorly designed, ranging from inconsistent enemy spawns, poor setups and sometimes even just badly placed coins which normaly are supposed to be helpfull. All this really suck the fun out of a otherwise ok hack with nice visuals and good music choices.
Tiroler From older version: Snoman's Land Link
This hack is overall fine, but varies wildly from level to level. Some of the levels are fun and fair whilst some feel like they could've used additional testing because they are inconsistent or have un-fun setups. It does a good job teaching beginners the basics but I could imagine some sections being incredibly frustrating. Fine work overall though, but some edits would've made a big difference. Cheers.
lazy_star From older version: Snoman's Land Link
Funny game, "Baby Kaizo World, though perhaps a little harder" agree. :)
DrQuadriple From older version: Snoman's Land Link
Can't believe this is finally finished, I've been a big fan of the channel for a long time and happy to see it finished.

Pancake001 From older version: Snoman's Land Link
Very fun.