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Mario Super R

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario Super R

Submission Details

Name: Mario Super R
Author: expgst
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Another attempt at romhacking, after my first one was rejected. This is a short romhack. Difficulty varies between levels. I honestly have no idea what to put here. I actually patched a retry system with infinite lives this time. This is vanilla except for some retexturing things to reduce cutoff and stuff.

Here is the retry system used, credit goes to those/that people.

Minor update: V1.01:
-Made death block look more deadly.
-Fixed one platform first level.

good == decent.
Tags: vanilla
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
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Comments (6)

Hacks Are Unfair Link
I can see why Mario had his romhack rejected. There's potential, though. I give it 1/5.
obersteiner86 Link
that timer is tight dont kidding me you need to crap the second p from the muncher or you not make it ah you yump from are p-switch 6 tiles high no you dont.
expgst Author Link
The second level really does not have a tight timer. I beat it without save states. It is possible, there are two P switches in that level, though I use snes9x so IDK. you can move the p switch closer to the start if you want more time.
obersteiner86 Link
us the 2.06b version 2.06a is are litle bit buggy, I hope you fixed the 6tile 1 tiles jump at the frist lvl.You can change that prompt to remove it that is every time yes is faster as chose retry or exit.Okay i tryed the second lvl the muncher run common guy that is only possible with slowdowns and frame andvanced,How ever play testet this play test that again with out saves states and frame advanced not possible.I dont even whant to know how the hell you get the key in the red lvl or even how i get to the keyhole.Okay okay you got me now keyjumps over the castel?

(Mod edit: fixed table stretch.)
ThirdWall From older version: Mario Super R Link
This hack has some interesting ideas in it. It really suffers in the later exits with the key jump castle and the very laggy final castle. There is one cement block in the key jump castle that should be re-skinned as a death block, otherwise everything is easy to read. There is a softlock in the first level that is very easy to avoid and you have to go very out of your way to get. Otherwise good work
obersteiner86 From older version: Mario Super R Link
hmm screen 6 looks like normal vanilla lvl.Common realy even the frist lvl is like oh no then the muncher run that you only can get with p-speed and then this 1 tile jump's with are p-switch aktive
and i am not talking about the 6 tile jump that you need to make to get up .You can beat the muncher run with out save states but that is realy realy close.