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Fishin' Boo v1.12

SMW Sprites → Fishin' Boo v1.12

Submission Details

Name: Fishin' Boo v1.12
Author: Davros
Version History: View
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: Yes
Includes GFX: No
Description: A disassembly of sprite AE from SMW. Speeds and accelerations can be easily editted through tables.

Fixed x high displacement on the firehitbox
Fixed CFG and JSON to actually have the vanilla values

(Rykon-V73)Small change:
The tilemap is easy to edit.
Tags: annoying disassembly enemy ghost ghost house lorom sa-1
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
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Download 4.39 KiB | 606 downloads


Comments (6)

NewPointless Link
#annoying #smrpg{:D}
JamesD28 Link
Tested with:

• Lunar Magic 3.11
• SA-1 Pack v1.32
• PIXI v1.2.14
• Snes9x v1.60

Works as intended, so, update accepted.
DeGenerator From older version: Fishin' Boo v1.1 Link
Dude, I can't believe that. I was looking exactly something like this today in the morning. Didn't find anything. Then I searched on google now and found this. Almost some hours later this was accepted: exactly when I was about to give up trying to find something to fix this annoying enemy. So, imagine you are trying to fix something and few hours later the exactly thing you wanted is accepted. I never saw a coincidence like this in my life. Thank you so much! I will test to see how it works.
 Kevin From older version: Fishin' Boo v1.1 Link
Tested with: LM 3.11, pixi 1.2.13, SA-1 1.32, Snes9x 1.60.
It works, and now the bug with the flame hitbox is fixed, so accepted.
 RussianMan From older version: Fishin' Boo Link
annoying as a tag?
 Blind Devil From older version: Fishin' Boo Link
Previously part of Davros' Fishin' Boo pack, now submitted separately for ease of search and to fit current standards. Included a JSON file for new PIXI (CFG is still provided for old PIXI users). Added screenshot, tags and SA-1 support.